Tyco presents new L.I.V.E valve demonstration unit

For enhanced learning

Tyco Fire Protection Products has introduced L.I.V.E. (Local Instructional Valve Experience), an interactive, mobile unit for use in training demonstrations of the company’s fire system valves. Designed to educate customers about Tyco’s valve capabilities, L.I.V.E. is a purpose-built, fully self-contained riser manifold demonstration unit for Tyco’s Model DPV-1, Model AV-1 and DV-5 valves.

L.I.V.E. training displays travel around Europe to Tyco’s network of TechXchange training facilities as well as customers’ own locations, on request. By demonstrating valve setting and testing procedures, the unit showcases the functional and operational capabilities of Tyco’s most advanced valves. The hands-on exercise and interaction with expert trainers improves customers’ training experience, while the system also offers portability and ease of use.

Highlighting the importance of Tyco’s fire system valves to its fire protection solutions, the L.I.V.E. training initiative demonstrates the company’s ability to combine global capabilities with local expertise for an enhanced customer service. DPV-1 dry pipe valves are used to automatically control the flow of water into dry pipe fire protection sprinkler systems upon operation of one or more automatic sprinklers. Model AV-1 alarm valves are intended for use in wet pipe (automatic sprinkler) fire protection systems, while DV-5 deluge valves are used as automatic water control valves in deluge fire protection systems.

Tyco’s TechXchange programme provides customers with the latest industry knowledge and training to gain maximum advantage in their market sector. Web-based live sessions, interactive e-learning programmes, and live training sessions at Tyco’s state-of-the-art TechXchange academies are available to cater for different learning styles. The L.I.V.E. display units will form part of the on-site face-to-face seminars to optimise the effectiveness of customers’ training.

For more information about Tyco’s L.I.V.E. training demonstrations, contact your local sales representative or email: firevalves@tyco-bspd.com. To learn more about Tyco’s fire system valves, visit www.tyco-fire.com.

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