Tyco launches ZETTLER PROFILE detection technology

Uses MZX Technology to provide state-of-the-art fire detection technology

Tyco Fire Protection Products will launch its powerful new fire detection and alarm system under its ZETTLER brand at Skydd 2014, followed by a series of exciting roadshow events across Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The PROFILE range of control panels uses MZX Technology to provide state-of-the-art fire detection technology for a wide range of applications in the commercial, retail and public building sectors and will be introduced to the market at the Skydd show in Stockholm on 14-16 October. Also in attendance at the show will be the ZETTLER truck, which will then embark on a roadshow to bring this latest innovation directly to consultants and fire engineers, system integrators, installers, end users and fire brigades.

Having been originally designed for operation in the most hostile of surroundings, ZETTLER PROFILE is highly resilient to external factors, such as electrical noise and sources of false alarm. The system is ergonomically engineered for ease of use and features a sleek and discreet 8.4” TFT colour touch screen user interface, making the system suitable for architecturally sensitive settings. In addition, the ZETTLER PROFILE system allows for a range of repeaters with different mounting options that can be used to match the surroundings. This enables system integrators to install repeaters over the IT infrastructure using IP cable structures, with no compromise on the positioning of the panels.

The panel helps reduce the total cost of ownership by integrating numerous functions aimed at increasing the flexibility of the technology, not only for the first installation, but throughout the system’s lifetime. Combining high performance with efficiency and innovation, ZETTLER PROFILE offers a fully

customisable home screen for adoption of the user’s corporate identity. Delivering advanced usability, it meets key user requirements for intuitive and easy-to-operate systems through a multilingual interface, an ergonomic icon display and an Info-Button for intelligent navigation and context sensitive instructions.

An enhanced installation, configuration and service set-up saves valuable time and cost, and features new innovations such as login via an RFID tag which replaces the conventional key switch. This unique capability offers enhanced security and allows identification of individual operators plus complete traceability of all actions performed on the fire panel – a feature particularly suited to high risk environments where critical function changes need to be tracked. For existing fire panels with MZX Technology, backwards compatibility ensures that they can be networked together with new PROFILE panels. Touch sensitive LEDs provide detailed status summary information in just one click to ensure a fast response to all system events.

“The ZETTLER PROFILE panel is a highly functional, scalable system that grows with customers’ requirements, meaning that they can choose the right panel for their needs,” says Eric Tassé, Global Director, ZETTLER, Thorn Security and FireClass Product Management at Tyco Fire Protection Products. “We recognise the common issues affecting users and are committed to developing innovative solutions to meet their requirements. The expert capabilities and enhanced functionality of the PROFILE range help relieve customers’ ‘pain points’ and eliminate user issues.”

In addition to this new product launch, visitors to the ZETTLER Truck will be able to view technical presentations and demonstrations, and meet with Tyco’s product specialists, technical support experts and local teams. “We’re very excited about bringing our innovative products directly to our customers on our upcoming roadshow events,” comments Daxa Patel, Global Marketing Director, Detection, Tyco Fire Protection Products.


“Understanding the challenges that many system designers, engineers, installers and end users face is paramount, and we believe that by taking our combination of knowledge, expertise and advanced products on the road, we can reach our customers in their local markets and help overcome their

project challenges. The roadshow events will be a first for the fire and security industry on this sort of scale, and we’re sure that the ZETTLER Truck will capture people’s attention as it travels around the Nordic region.”

Following its attendance at Skydd Stockholm, the ZETTLER truck is scheduled to appear at roadshow events in the following locations:
• 20th October: Oslo
• 21st-22nd October: Copenhagen
• 23rd-24th October: Odense.

More details on specific locations and timings, as well as the opportunity to pre-register for the ZETTLER events are available at www.zettlerfire.com/roadshow.asp. To find out more about the ZETTLER Truck and where you can visit one of the upcoming roadshow events, visit www.zettlerfire.com/roadshow.asp. You can also follow the ZETTLER Truck on Twitter @ZettlerFire.

For more information on ZETTLER PROFILE and to access the PROFILE Ergonomics white paper, please visit http://www.zettlerfire.com/pdf/White_Paper_TFPP_Profile.pdf

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