Two dead after fire hits 10-storey hotel in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Two people died after a fire struck a 10-storey high hotel in Russia, while witnesses claimed that children had to jump from windows in order to escape the blazes.
The Torn hotel in Rostov-on-Don, located in southern Russia, was hit by the fire on the 20th September, with the blazes ripping through the building’s structure causing complete chaos, while cars nearby were also set alight as a result of it.
Rescue workers on the scene allegedly found the bodies of the deceased, with a man and woman both understood to have been a part of the hotel’s staff.
Children were seen flinging themselves from the hotel windows in an attempt to survive, but thankfully there were people on the ground who caught them as they fell.
Well over 400 people had to be evacuated from the three star hotel block, which included 61 children, as firefighters set about extinguishing the blaze while maintaining that the public were kept safe in the process.
Local officials stated that 19 fire engines had been sent in order to try and take on the blaze, and those fire engines contained 50 firefighters, who together worked incredibly hard to quash the flames, though an inquest into how everything unfurled will no doubt take place given the magnitude of what happened.
Russian government official Evgeny Kondratiev spoke to reporters in the aftermath of the incident, and worryingly stated that the face of the building was made up of “very flammable material containing toxic elements”, which Kondratiev also claimed “increased the danger of the fire spreading to the roof.”
From top to bottom, the building was left both charred and black as a result of the blaze, and this fire follows on from another gigantic fire in Rostov-on-Don in August, which ripped through and destroyed 123 residential buildings, leaving one person dead.

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