True North Gear’s shield jacket


More than a one-time item, The Shield Jacket was initially introduced nearly eight years ago as the first rain-resistant, stretch FR softshell garment. It’s crafted for utility and industrial safety workers and built for colder climates.

The Shield Jacket went through several design iterations and an upgrade to the fabric. While the initial version of the Shield jacket was prevalent, DragonWear received a lot of positive feedback and suggestions on how to make the jacket even better. The company took that feedback and designed something users will like. They are excited to release The Shield Jacket.

Jacket features

The long-lived jacket has been redesigned to meet the demand of utility and oil and gas workers

  • Shifted shoulder seams to avoid chafing
  • Reinforced fabric for high-wear on elbows, cuffs, and zipper openings
  • Highly resistant to wind and water
  • Increased ARC protection Dual-hazard certified as NFPA 70E and NFPA 21112 to meet industry standards

Yet, it still retains the same dependability as the original brother. The Shield Jacket is perfect for strenuous work during the day yet keeps firefighters looking sharp after hours.

Fabric specification

Made in the USA, The Black Shield Jacket’s proprietary Tri-Blend stretch FR softshell fabric is a CAT 4 certified with an ARC 65 rating. The Tri-Fiber FR blended fabrics offer a synergistic package, making it one of the most utilized fabrics by DragonWear.

This garment is truly the ultimate FR softshell for lineworkers and has been proven in the field for many years. The legacy of the original jacket continues to live on.

True North is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1992 by Alyx Fier. True North has grown from a one-man operation to an ISO 9001 registered company whose products are distributed worldwide. In addition to packs and bags for firefighters and SAR under the True North label, their products include a broad range of fire resistant clothing under the DragonWear label. Their headquarters are still in Seattle, Washington just up the street from the garage where we started.


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