The most trusted global fire-fighting and emergency response equipment: Akron Brass

The Akron Brass Company tell International Fire Buyer about how their innovations continue to lead the industry for a range of nozzles, monitors, valves and lighting
What makes Akron Brass the world’s most trusted brand of fire-fighting and emergency response equipment? Focused customer insight, advanced manufacturing and testing and thoughtful customer service ensures Akron Brass delivers the finest equipment and solutions to help emergency responders save lives and protect property.

The Akron Brass Company is a customer-driven, global manufacturer of fire-fighting and emergency response equipment, including handline nozzles, monitors, valves, tools, scene lighting and electronic controls. In providing time-tested, life-safety solutions for nearly a century, the company has remained committed to moving the fire industry forward, developing innovations that increase job safety and efficiency.

Because every emergency situation is unique, Akron Brass delivers customised, integrated solutions to enable first responders to face each challenge with confidence. To that end, it all starts with a keen focus on customer insight.
Focused customer insight

Akron Brass delivers unique value in its products and services through industry leading customer research, industry engagement, inclusion in product development and outcome-driven processes. Salesmen, engineers and manufacturers at Akron Brass place a strong emphasis on collaborating with customers and original equipment manufacturers. They observe, listen and learn to maximise collaboration, deliver results, and manufacture a product the customer needs to achieve their goals.

Advanced manufacturing and testing

“An ISO certified company; we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards,” says David Durstine, Vice President of Marketing. “From inception, through design and development, to manufacture and testing, our advanced facilities integrate lean production methods and the latest technologies for continuous improvement of processes, capabilities and quality.”

Their best-in-class product orientation starts at the foundry and is carried through in precision machining, thorough testing and final assembly. Being vertically integrated, Akron Brass retains complete control over product quality and lead times. This allows for unparalleled flexibility in addressing customer requirements and responsive adaptability to changing market needs.

Extensive research and development coupled with rigorous testing ensure that – first and foremost – when an Akron Brass product makes it into the customer’s hands, they can depend on it.

All products are 100% tested for performance, accuracy and function. New product designs are subjected to a comprehensive regimen of mechanical, electrical, environmental and functionality tests specific to their application. Third-party testing and certifications reinforce product quality and safety.

Thoughtful customer service

With a century of experience behind every sale, Akron Brass associates help anticipate needs and supply the knowledge necessary to make the most of customers’ investment. As the largest global sales team in the industry, Akron Brass has dedicated factory resources in North America, South America, Europe, England, India, China, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. The sales team provides the detailed product information, on-site demonstrations and life-cycle costs customers require to make informed purchase decisions.

“After the sale, Akron Brass offers training on a variety of topics, including equipment repair, choosing the right nozzle for your department, basic fire hydraulics and more,” continues Durstine. “We also hold product repair seminars, hands-on training and easy access to technical and troubleshooting support.”

Most trusted brand

Akron Brass is the world’s most trusted brand of fire-fighting and emergency response equipment. Each product is designed, manufactured and tested with exacting attention to detail to ensure it will perform when in the hands of first responders in challenging and dangerous situations.

With expertise in diversified markets such as fire and rescue, airport, marine, petrochemical, deicing, mining, equipment and tank washing, bus and student transportation, commercial truck and other industries, Akron Brass partners with customers to provide tailored life-safety solutions.

Since 1918, Akron Brass has built its reputation by providing durable, high-performance nozzles, monitors and valves. Today, the company continues to innovate in those core water flow products, while expanding to include tools, LED lighting and electronic control systems for the fire service.

In addition to its North American headquarters in Wooster, OH, Akron Brass has grown to include manufacturing facilities in Washington, IL, and Columbus, OH with sales offices in Beijing, China and Dubai, UAE. Akron Brass is backed by their parent company, Premier Farnell plc, a high-service distribution company of electronic components located in London, England. Connect with Akron Brass at or 330.264.5678 | 800.228.1161.

Recent innovations

Revel™ LED Scene Light – Turn any dark, hazardous situation into daylight with the Revel. Its enhanced optic design directs light evenly across an entire scene. The patent-pending combination of spot and flood increases your overall scene visibility when lighting exterior spaces such as structures, parking lots and overhead hazards. Available as a true surface mount, it easily can be installed in any location on your truck. The unique push button swivel for pole-mount options makes adjusting and redirecting your light simple with a gloved hand.
ProVenger™ Series of Handline Nozzles – The patent-pending ProVenger family of handline nozzles combine years of design and manufacturing experience with superior performance and dependability; all at an unbeatable value. The ProVenger nozzle series helps you perform your job effectively and efficiently without sacrificing performance or your budget. The ProVenger series offers a fixed gallonage version in a variety of pressures with the simplicity of a fixed orifice, and a selectable gallonage version in various flow setting that give the nozzleman the flexibility to change the flow and reach depending on the situation. The ProVenger nozzles’ simple design is smooth to operate, delivering a constant flow and hard-hitting straight stream. Low flow options are available with one of the ProVenger lines. The new, lower flows aid fire-fighters in regulating the amount of water needed to extinguish various fires.
Revolution™ Intake Valve – Our Revolution intake valve features a unique handwheel design, providing the operator more control and leverage for a smooth and easy operation. This heavy duty intake valve is constructed of corrosion resistant, hard-anodised aluminium and stainless steel with a powder coated interior and exterior finish for superior corrosion protection. A compact design saves valuable space on your pump panel, and the handwheel design hugs tightly to the valve body eliminating possible interference with surrounding discharges and equipment. With flows capable of up to 2000 gpm (7600 lpm), the Revolution is ideal for even the most demanding apparatus intake applications.


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