The LEADER Sar is the only true multi-use helmet in the world

Designed to meet the highest levels of protection

 LEADER Sar has been designed to meet the highest levels of protection combined with the highest possible levels of comfort and usability!
Lightweight and comfortable, the helmet offers a high level of impact protection which gives the wearer excellent protection from impact/shock both from above or from the sides.
The LEADER Sar all risks Helmet is suitable for many applications. It is tested to eleven different standards giving it the versatility to be used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Search and rescue / Confined Space / CBRN environments
  • Water rescue / Swift Water / Marine / Ribs / Hovercraft
  • Forestry fire fighting
  • Ambulance / E.M.S
  • Wildland fire fighting / General area search
  • Maritime Rescue / Coastal Border Security
  • Technical Rescue / Assistance
  • Working at height / Urban Climbing
  • All Terrain Vehicles
  • Snowmobile /Jet-ski / Quad bike / Equestrian

It is available in many colours (Hi-Viz yellow, Hi-Viz orange, white, red, black, royal-blue, olive green and navy blue). It is available in Police, Marine and security colour options.
Also, it has a great range of accessories including marine visor, forestry visor, integral eye shield and ear defenders.

A major company for several decades, LEADER designs, manufactures and promotes high performing equipment used in firefighting and search and rescue applications.
LEADER offers innovative products such as PPV fans for firefighting, Search equipment for tech rescue operations, flame simulators for training, etc.

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