A networked solution from Bosch for Mansfelder Kupfer und Messing GmbH ensures a high level of safety by detecting fires early

In large factory halls used for metalworking operations, conventional fire alarm systems are often not enough to protect buildings, employees and equipment. In many cases, high ceilings, greater fire hazards and interference from reflected light characterise these halls. The company of MKM Mansfelder Kupfer und Messing GmbH (MKM) faced exactly this challenge. MKM is a leading manufacturer of copper and copper-alloy precursor and semi finished products. The company wanted to

Ramtech Electronics

Ramtech Electronics launches sophisticated WES3 alarm system

Further enhancing its position as an industry innovator in wireless technology solutions, Ramtech Electronics has launched WES3 – a new fire alarm system that has benefits beyond its current WES+ range. Offering several new features that allow firms to maximise site safety, the new product is fully compliant with EN-54 and developed alongside other leading construction companies, effectively safeguarding employees and assets. One of its most sophisticated new features is

A new fire alarm system at West Dean College, UK, keeps students safe

The college is protected by Hochiki – the leading life safety systems manufacturer has installed a new fire alarm system at West Dean College, UK, to help keep students and lecturers safe. Leading life safety systems manufacturer, Hochiki Europe, has helped keep college students and their lecturers’ safe with the installation of a new fire alarm system.West Dean College, West Sussex, UK is internationally renowned for creative arts and conservation education,