Source Capture technology

Source Capture technology
Plymovent has over 30 years of experience and tens of thousands of source capture ventilation and filtration installations worldwide. With subsidiaries and distributors in over 45 countries, Plymovent is your knowledgeable partner for source capture technology. Over 50,000 Plymovent source capture systems across the world have been installed to reduce hazardous vehicle exhaust emissions in a variety of sectors including:

·                              Volunteer and paid fire departments
·                              EMS departments
·                              Training facilities
·                              Private and corporate fire stations
·                              Airport ARFF stations
·                              Military installations

Plymovent are proud of the fact that fire fighters around the world find their vehicle exhaust systems reliable, easy to work with whilst at the same time ensuring a healthy working environment. The control equipment included in their automatic systems enables an on demand use of the system. The result
is a reduction of electricity consumption and a lower heating cost due to the fact that the system is only used when needed.

‘Obviously a lower energy consumption will also have a positive effect on the global environment, reducing your stations carbon footprint.’

Obviously a lower energy consumption will also have a positive effect on the global environment, reducing your stations carbon footprint. Investing in a Plymovent system will not only save you money by reducing your use of energy, it will also enable you to help reduce global warming. One of their satisfied customers in the volunteer and professional fire department sector is the fire brigade in Kassel, Germany. In order to provide a cost effective system ensuring a healthy working environment for the Kassel Fire Brigade personnel Plymovent installed 2 types of fully automatic disconnect systems, the back in system (Sliding Balancer Track – SBT) and the drive thru system (Straight Rail – STR).
The functionalities of the automatic Plymovent SBT / STR exhaust extraction systems are installed in line with the vehicle on the tailpipe side. The system can be installed on a ceiling, roof girders or wall, depending on the respective parking area of the vehicle. The system is custom made, keeping a number of variables in mind, such as the length of the vehicle which is normally parked in that position and its engine volume.

‘The Sliding Balancer Track (SBT) system uses a hose which is connected to a fixed duct.’

The Sliding Balancer Track (SBT) system uses a hose which is connected to a fixed duct. The exhaust gasses are captured when the vehicle starts and transported out of the building viathe ducts installed. The STR system uses a round profile which transports the exhaust gasses to the installed ducting at various points. This enables 2 vehicles to be parked behind each other in the same bay and by using a trolley, the exhaust gasses are also extracted from the start of the vehicle to the exit at the door. In order for the hoses to be handled in an efficient manner, the balancer and saddle keep the hose from the ground. This makes operating the system easy.

The Pneumatic Grabber® is installed at the end of the hose and forms the connection from the system to the truck. The Grabber® operates by using compressed air, ensuring a virtually 100% seal between the system and the vehicle, this ensures that virtually all exhaust gasses are captured and removed, thereby protecting the people inside the station. Just before a vehicle enters the station, the Grabber® is positioned around the tailpipe; the fan will automatically start by using pressure switches.
The Grabber® is manually inflated using the Pneumatic valve positioned on the hose, creating the seal around the tailpipe. The vehicle can now enter the station without any harmful exhaust gasses entering the building. The Plymovent systems will automatically activate via pressure sensors or can be activated manually. When a vehicle exits the building, the system will follow the truck inside the building and automatically disconnect when the vehicle exits. After a vehicle has exited the system will run for a moment and then automatically turn off.

The Plymovent exhaust extraction system SBT and STR are TÜV certified for product safety in Germany. The Plymovent production facility is ISO 9001 certified.

Benefits of the systems:

·                              Virtually 100% source capture of dangerous exhaust gasses
·                              Easy to operate
·                              Clean air in the building
·                              Low-noise level
·                              Possible to exchange vehicles between bays and stations at all times
·                              Low maintenance cost
·                              Automatic de- and activation of the system
·                              Fully automatic disconnect when exiting the station
·                              Patented Safety disconnect
·                              TÜV-Certified (Germany)
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