SICUR START-UPS showcases innovative projects

SICUR START-UPS offers innovative projects and companies a meeting point to improve their visibility and make business contacts during SICUR 2022, from February 22-25 at IFEMA MADRID.

The participating start-ups will show solutions including a device for preventing musculoskeletal injuries, a protective clothing technology for security guards, an automatic fire extinguishing device, and a service for electronic sweeping by counter-surveillance technical inspectors.

SICUR 2022 announces the companies selected to participate in SICUR START-UPS. From 22-25 February, during the international security trade fair, this space will bring together projects and innovations by start-ups with broad potential for application in the protection and prevention field. This year, the proposals are by MANGOS COMODIN, RADICAL ARMOUR, TECNOPATENTE, and HYDECONTROL. More may be added in the coming weeks, as the call for entries is still open.

MANGOS COMODIN: these universal grip handles reduce the risk of occupational injury to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries at work when using tools that require physical effort. They provide an improved ergonomic grip for using hand tools to improve worker performance, decrease fatigue, and prevent injuries.

RADICAL ARMOUR has developed a technology for protective clothing that is stab-proof, bullet-proof and fragment resistant. These garments protect vital areas such as the neck, ribs and abdomen and can be customised as uniforms.

TECNOPATENTE presents an automatic fire extinguishing device for coupling to a conventional extinguisher. When its sensor detects a fire outbreak, it activates an extinguishing agent spray. It also has a module to communicate with a mobile device or alarm receiving centre.

HYDECONTROL provides real-time electronic scanning for technical counter-surveillance inspections. It can detect pulsed digital frequencies, uses the latest-generation mobile telephony with scrambled digital signals, and prevents loss of radio frequency.


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