Save lives and protect critical assets with STEELGUARD coatings from PPG

Addition of new high performance products to coatings range provides enhanced protection

 PPG has announced the release of new products within its market-leading STEELGUARD range of intumescent fire protection coatings for steel structures.

Designed for use on I-section beams and solid columns, STEELGUARD 701/801 has been developed to target 30 and 60-minute fire scenarios with lower film thicknesses. STEELGUARD 702 is designed specifically for application on hollow sections, for fire scenarios up to 90 minutes

STEELGUARD coatings are designed to deliver fire protection for civil buildings and are particularly appropriate where exposed steel structures have been used as part of the design, such as in shopping centers, airport terminals, sports stadiums and schools. Drawing on PPG’s long heritage in cellulosic fire protection, the products are designed to provide the vital extra time to help people escape a fire and minimize damage to the structure.

Certified to EN13381-8 and BS476 standards, STEELGUARD 701/801 and STEELGUARD 702 lead the way in the structural steelwork fire protection market, according to Greg Bausch, Global Infrastructure and Power Segment Manager at PPG Protective & Marine Coatings.


“Most cellulosic intumescent coatings cover I-section beams, columns and hollow sections with one product. However, because the STEELGUARD system has been optimized for its purpose, it significantly outperforms the available alternatives in terms of loadings [lower dry film thickness or DFT]. As a result, the added value of STEELGUARD coatings is that they provide the vital extra time needed for evacuation in case of fire and may also allow fire fighters to save more of the building.”


In passive fire protection, the key factor is the amount of coating or loading, indicated in layer thickness, needed to protect steel from heating to the failure temperature in a specified period of time, such as 30, 60 or 90 minutes. An effective loading should have a low level of thickness, which also makes the coating easier to apply.


STEELGUARD coatings are also cost-effective to use. Fast drying primers and a specially-designed STEELGUARD 2458 topcoat enable application of up to three coats in one day. Another advantage of solvent based STEELGUARD intumescent coatings is that the coating can be left externally exposed up to 12 months without top coating, provided they are not subjected to ponding, running water or immersion.

Key benefits of the STEELGUARD intumescent coatings range include :


  • Excellent fire protection for steel structures;
  • High levels of corrosion protection against atmospheric conditions with suitable top coat;
  • Economical and versatile;
  • Smooth surface with excellent aesthetics;
  • Topcoats available in many colors to match building design;
  • Off-site versions available for in-shop application;
  • Waterborne coatings available for on-site application;
  • Global engineering and customer support through PPG network;
  • Tested to international standards and certified to local requirements and independently approved.

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