Rosenbauer Pioneers in 3D Visualisation Technology


Rosenbauer, a prominent name in fire and rescue services, is transforming the industry with its sophisticated use of 3D visualisation technology. This state-of-the-art technology is pivotal in creating lifelike three-dimensional models, advancing the limits of graphics and design capabilities.

The impact of 3D visualisation in design and engineering is substantial. It has become an essential tool across various sectors, providing immense benefits to designers, engineers, and artists. The technology’s capability to render buildings, landscapes, or products in a three-dimensional space and view them in real-time has revolutionised design methodologies. It not only encourages interdepartmental collaboration but also deepens customer comprehension of products and services.

A major advantage of 3D visualisation is the creative latitude it affords. Designers are empowered to conceive representations of objects or settings that might be unfeasible to replicate in reality. For example, Rosenbauer showcased its electric drive solutions at Interschutz 2022, the world’s leading trade fair for fire and rescue services, leveraging this technology effectively.

Creating these 3D models necessitated a collaborative effort among product management, designers, marketing, and the external partner qapture. A significant challenge was to streamline complex CAD construction drawings, focusing on key aspects pertinent to e-drive representations. Additionally, the models had to be optimised for the internet, ensuring they were compact enough for real-time online viewing.

Rosenbauer integrated an interactive 3D viewer and AR applications to elevate the user experience. The design’s central theme was an “X-ray view” of the powertrain, emphasising function over intricate details. These AR tools enabled users to interactively explore the powertrains and energy flows on their smartphones, extending accessibility beyond the attendees of Interschutz.

Looking ahead, 3D visualisation at Rosenbauer transcends beyond mere idea presentation; it’s vital for depicting fully-realised concepts in a tangible manner. As this technology continues to evolve, Rosenbauer is poised to remain at the forefront of innovative presentations and enhancing customer experiences.

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