RescueSim introduces next generation Head Mounted Display

For full immersion VIM training

 Leading international developer of simulators and virtual training VSTEP, is proud to announce that its RescueSim virtual incident management training platform is to be fully compatible with the next generation Oculus Rift Head Mounted Displays, making full immersion 3D virtual training possible for its users and opening up new training possibilities for emergency services.

RescueSim is a virtual incident management simulator created by simulator developer VSTEP and is being used worldwide by governments and emergency services to train incidents in a safe and realistic 3D virtual environment. RescueSim allows training of any thinkable incident and has additional specialized modules allowing realistic training of Industrial, Port, Underground, Airport, Railroad, Onboard & Offshore Incidents.

The Oculus Rift Head Mounted Display (HMD) is a next generation lightweight wearable solution displaying the virtual 3D world in a 110° angle across the wearer’s field of view and creating the illusion of being completely immersed in the virtual world. Due to its high quality display and durable low weight construction, the Oculus Rift offers a much more realistic experience without any of the user discomfort of legacy HMD solutions. The Oculus Rift HMD is worn by the RescueSim user and uses advanced motion sensors that are responsive to the user’s cranium, allowing them to look around in the selected 3D RescueSim environment by actual movement of the head. RescueSim users wearing the HMD will find themselves fully immersed in the action as the incident is taking place all around them.

Pjotr van Schothorst, VSTEP Director: “VSTEP has always taken the lead in introducing new innovations. By integrating virtual training through Head Mounted Display, RescueSim offers its customers a new level of immersion during training of incidents. The HMD training guarantees complete immersion in the incident scenario, as users physically look around and interact with their surroundings. The wide range of RescueSim incident scenarios and the high realism required by emergency services for effective virtual training are a perfect fit for the enhanced HMD functionality of RescueSim. The introduction of the next generation HMD training is another example of the continuous innovation of our products as we provide customers with the best virtual training and simulator solutions available. ”

Following RescueSim’s HLA integration and VBS2 interoperability, the introduction of virtual training using next generation Head Mounted Displays is the latest in a selection of new features readying RescueSim for the future of simulation. In line with the successful integration of HMD with RescueSim, VSTEP will also integrate HMD training possibilities using the Oculus Rift with all of its other core training products, including its Crowd Management simulator and its NAUTIS Maritime Simulators.

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