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Flinn Deen, General Manager of Sales, discusses Holmatro’s next-gen Pentheon Series, highlighting innovations in performance, connectivity, safety, and ergonomic design for rescue operations 

Holmatro, renowned for its innovative rescue equipment, has introduced the next-generation Pentheon Series, designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of rescue operations globally. Flinn Deen, General Manager of Sales at Holmatro’s Dutch headquarters, plays a key role in the development and launch of this new series. With extensive experience in various roles at Holmatro, including Sales Manager and Commercial Manager for the After Sales Rescue division, Flinn offers valuable insights into the evolution of the Pentheon tools. 

In this interview, Flinn elaborates on the motivations behind the Pentheon series update, originally introduced in 2020. User feedback and field experiences significantly influenced the enhancements. Key upgrades in the next-gen tools include a smart sensor that maintains maximum power, advanced connectivity features such as Bluetooth integration, and ergonomic designs aimed at reducing fatigue and improving handling. 

Flinn also discusses how the MyHolmatro app supports operational efficiency by providing real-time tool insights and performing automated checks. Additionally, the integrated safety features and patented mechatronic system ensure the tools remain reliable under various conditions and loads. The next-gen Pentheon Series aims to set a new benchmark in rescue operations by combining cutting-edge technology with practical usability. 

Flinn Deen started out at Holmatro Rescue Equipment as Sales Manager in 2016. He moved to the After Sales Rescue division as Commercial Manager a few years ago and he is now General Manager of Sales at Holmatro’s Dutch headquarters. In this interview Flinn discusses the next-gen Pentheon Series rescue tools, launched in December of 2023. These tools are used by first responders worldwide, for example to free patients from a vehicle after a collision. 

What was the reason to update the Pentheon series? 

Holmatro is always looking for improvements and new innovations. So, during the development of the first generation Pentheon tools, which we introduced in 2020, our engineers were already thinking about solutions for a next generation of Pentheon tools. After talking to users and seeing how our Pentheon tools were received in the field, we were able to release a new version of the fastest rescue tools ever. The improvements in the next-gen Series are focused on performance, usability, connectivity, and serviceability. 

The next-gen Pentheon tools all have a smart sensor that ensures maximum power availability during the lifespan of the tools. Could you describe how this sensor operates? 

Well, this sensor is set to our maximum working pressure of 720 bars. When this maximum working pressure has been reached, the motor stops automatically. This way, the maximum power of the tool will always stay at 720 bars, whether you use it for the first time or arrive at an incident with equipment that’s been used countless times. 

How does the advanced connectivity, such as Bluetooth integration and the MyHolmatro app, enhance operational efficiency and maintenance capabilities?

After connecting Pentheon via Bluetooth, the MyHolmatro app will provide users with real-time tool insights, such as battery state of charge and working pressure.  

In addition, the MyHolmatro app can quickly and easily perform an automated Self Check.  

Your tool will go through four steps: Drive system check, Speed and pressure check, Battery firmware check, and Battery state of health check. 

This helps you to keep your tools in perfect condition for the best rescue performance possible…

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