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This exclusive Product Spotlight feature sees renowned company LION discuss their new ChimerX™ Product Line 

LION is an innovative technology company devoted to utilising smart technology to develop life-saving products. Our mission is to apply cutting-edge technology to improve the life-safety conditions of the global workforce. Our goal is to grow consistently, utilising profits from existing products to support and advance current solutions while drawing from experience and research to develop a suite of revolutionary safety products. 

LION is big enough to deliver on the most significant contracts but small enough to ensure that every emergency responder and firefighter who uses our equipment gets the features they need to be safe and successful on every call. LION is one of the largest providers of training equipment and facilities for first responders. We also have a dedicated in-house research and development team to understand the best solutions you need. We are Ready for Action. Before. During. and After. 

We deliver training solutions for all types of first responders: Fire Brigades, Police | Army | Naval Forces, Airports, Petrochemical Industry, Maritime Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, and Training Academies. 

At LION, we believe that training should be as practical as possible while providing a real learning experience. 

With our new product line, LION ChimerX™, we produce a turnkey solution: A trustworthy and reliable training unit, ready in a blink of an eye. Safe and realistic training units at the same time. Best-in-class LION ChimerX Training Systems put your firefighters in any real-life situation imaginable, so they come prepared for any challenge ahead. ChimerX has decades of firefighting knowledge and expertise from experienced firefighters like you. Check our dedicated website: WWW.LIONCHIMERX.COM  and see for yourself with our training unit configurator. 

What do we propose: 

>      Turnkey training units 

>      Short delivery time frame 

>      Attractive pricing 

Our product line includes: 

  1.     LION ChimerX® DFT training unit: using our patented Digital Fire Technology, you can perform clean Training within a Realistic Environment that can be made mobile using a hook-lift system. This is one of the most cost-effective training proposals on the market at this point.
  2.     LION ChimerX® BAT training unit: Confined Space Training is critical; inside a safe & controlled environment, create versatile & realistic scenarios. You can give a clean training and make the unit mobile.
  3.     LION ChimerX® GFT training unit: This All-inclusive Training Stage, Modular & Expendable Unit based on gas Fire Technology, will give you the best experience within a supervised Training Environment.
  4.     LION ChimerX® HMT training unit: All type leakages can be recreated; Mobile and Realistic this is your new HazMat Training Tool!
  5.     LION ChimerX® CFT Hybrid training unit: train with Wood & Gas Fire Technology. You can ally with Realistic Wood-burning scenarios with the benefit of the Rapid & Easily Repeatable Training thanks to the integrated gas ignition. Always within a Safe & Controlled Environment and Smoke Treatment Compatible.
  6. LION ChimerX® CFT training unit: train traditional class A scenario with our qualitative and reliable unit. They are built to last for the most challenging training session to come.
  7. LION ChimerX® DCT training unit: damage control and calamity training will have no secret for you after going through our unit. Will you keep your cool when you are elbow-deep in danger?

Our offer for this line includes only modules and setups that are pre-engineered and standardized to provide a complete training experience. 


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