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In today’s world, the construction of larger buildings is on the rise. To meet the challenges posed by these structures, LEADER has developed firefighting ventilators known as Large Flow Ventilators (LFV) or Mobile Ventilation Units (MVUs). These ventilators deliver high airflows, making them effective in combating large fires in various settings such as warehouses, tunnels, airports, industrial complexes, and high-rise buildings. 

Why should you consider using a high flow/volume ventilator? 

Firefighting Ventilation / Smoke Exhaust in Road or Railway Tunnels: Large flow firefighting ventilators can be utilised when the fixed ventilation system is faulty or requires reinforcement. They serve the following purposes: 

  • Evacuating smoke from the structure 
  • Cooling the volume 
  • Facilitating the intervention of emergency services 

Firefighting Ventilation / Smoke Exhaust in Airplanes and Other Aircraft: High flow firefighting ventilators prove invaluable during the evacuation of passengers. By rapidly pressurizing the aircraft fuselage, these fans enable: 

  • Quick smoke evacuation 
  • Rapid supply of fresh air 
  • Improved visibility in confined spaces 

Firefighting Ventilation / Smoke Exhaust at Airports: Given that airports comprise vast interconnected spaces, it is crucial to promptly evacuate smoke and prevent its spread. This helps minimize the impact of disasters on travellers and ensures maximum safety. 

Firefighting Ventilation / Smoke Exhaust in Factories after Firefighting Intervention: Fixed smoke extraction systems are not always present or adequately sized to handle smoke capture. Consequently, production may come to a halt, resulting in substantial financial losses (several K€ per minute of stoppage). 

A Mobile Ventilation Unit (MVU) offers a mobile, modular, and cost-effective solution for occasional use. It significantly reduces smoke extraction times in industrial sites and can pressurize volumes to prevent the spread of smoke and hot gases to other warehouses. 

Firefighting Ventilation / Smoke Exhaust in Shopping Centers: Shopping centres typically comprise large stores and interconnected malls, presenting significant volumes in which smoke can rapidly spread. To ensure the safety of both people and property, the extraction of smoke on a large scale becomes essential. 

Firefighting Ventilation / Smoke Exhaust in High Buildings: Due to the diverse configurations of high buildings, positive pressure ventilation is often necessary to generate sufficient pressure from the stairwell to the top floor. The larger the building, the more openings and sources of pressure loss exist. Therefore, a Large Flow fan (LFV) offers more efficient pressurization of the entire volume. 

Firefighting Ventilation / Smoke Exhaust in Covered / Underground Parking: High pressure ventilators can operate in either overpressure or under pressure, depending on the premises’ architecture. They can handle smoke extraction in areas without fixed systems and can complement or replace existing fixed systems as required. When equipped with exhaust ducts, LFVs can remove smoke from larger volumes compared to conventional extractors (with a flow rate 6 to 10 times greater). 

Why choose LEADER Large Flow Firefighting Ventilator? 

High flow fan = assured ventilation / smoke exhaust in large volumes: LEADER’s high-flow ventilators are independent of fixed firefighting protection systems, offering mobility and efficient ventilation of very large volumes. With an airflow range from 115,700 m³/h to 1,120,000 m³/h, these ventilators can quickly ventilate expansive areas. They excel in firefighting scenarios involving underground parking lots or warehouses. 

  • Easy to operate for one person: LEADER’s trailer-mounted high-flow fans are designed for easy operation and positioning by a single individual. Their weight, power, and maneuverability ratios make them highly efficient high-flow fans with unparalleled performance.  
  • Adaptable to all types of vehicles: LEADER’s Large Flow/Volume fans are available in trailer or “skid” versions, allowing them to be mounted on various mobile intervention vehicles such as pickups, trucks, railway platforms, lifting arms, trailers, trolleys, forklifts, and even tracked vehicles. 


LEADER, a firefighting equipment manufacturer since 1985, offers a wide range of firefighting Large Flow Fans! They are entirely designed and manufactured in France (in Normandy) with the greatest care and with a high level of quality and performance.  

They are all CE compliant and their flow rates are certified by official independent laboratories: LOMC (Laboratoire Ondes et Milieux Complexes) FRANCE. 

A major company for several decades, LEADER designs manufacturers and promotes high performing equipment used in firefighting and search and rescue applications.  

LEADER offers innovative products such as PPV fans for firefighting, search equipment for tech rescuer operations and flame simulators for training, among other products.  

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