OmniShore: One single system for all shoring operations


Holmatro, expert in search and rescue equipment, sponsored the Search and Rescue feature in the November edition of Fire Buyer and provided valuable insight into the OmniShore product.

In unpredictable situations, being ready for anything is crucial. However, there is only so much space on rescue vehicles. With that in mind, Holmatro’s engineers developed a new shoring solution based on two principles: doing more with less and full focus on safety. This resulted in OmniShore: a system of just six different struts to safely build any shoring application. 

The system 

At the heart of OmniShore is the patented Trident Coupler. It allows you to connect only two struts max and any combination you make is safe. You can combine every strut with every other one and you need no adapters for accessories: they always fit on both ends of each strut. There are no fixed length extension pipes either: every strut functions as an extension, which also saves you the trouble of exact measurement (with twice the plunger stroke you now have much more flexibility). 

These OmniShore fundamentals already save lots of weight and space on your truck. Let’s look at how the system benefits you in the different application areas. 

Structural Shoring 

With OmniShore you no longer need separate braces. Just convert a regular strut into a brace by adding the patented Pull Restrictor, which secures the locknut tightly to the strut. Adding braces like this to a raker for instance, allows large constructions to withstand pulling forces and sudden unintended movement. For smaller shoring solutions in a confined space, OmniShore offers you the world’s shortest mechanical strut. With its double stroke you have maximum flexibility to create a shore that fits.  

Vehicle Shoring 

Stabilizing a vehicle with OmniShore is easy. Just click either end of an OmniShore strut into the Ratchet Base, click the Multi Head on the other end and you are good to go. That same Multi Head doubles as a base for the Chain Adapter, enabling vehicle lifting with chains. OmniShore’s single hydraulic strut has a double stroke, allowing you to position it with the mechanical stroke and leaving the full hydraulic stroke for lifting. 

For safe lifting you need a back-up system. Holmatro developed OmniLock: a patented solution where no one needs to be near a moving load. Every OmniLock strut automatically follows a load up and down and always remains mechanically locked. One single person can monitor and operate these electronic struts from a safe distance with the Wireless Controller. And… the battery for this system is the same one that powers Holmatro’s Pentheon rescue tools. One less charging system on your truck. 

Trench Shoring 

OmniLock struts also prove their value in fast and safe trench shoring. You can quickly extend them electronically and they are immediately locked, so you will lose no valuable time in tightening the locknut manually. Positioning is easy with the Wireless Controller showing you the angle of each strut. Nice detail: there’s no risk of the plunger falling into the trench: each strut has a stop block. 

High Directionals 

Last but not least OmniShore is also suitable for creating high directionals. You can safely construct lengths up to 17 ft (5.2 m) to create a monopod, bipod, or tripod for rope rescue situations. Taking their commitment to minimalism very seriously, Holmatro’s engineers innovated with just a monopod and bipod head. To create a tripod? Simply combine the two! 

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