Nuaire releases CPD on High Temperature Axial Fans & VSDs


Nuaire is thrilled to unveil its latest Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session, focusing on High Temperature Axial Fans & Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), designed to enhance understanding and compliance in the realm of indoor air quality and ventilation.

Simon Plummer, Nuaire Axials Divisional Manager and esteemed fire safety authority, underscores the significance of this CPD: “Frequency converters have been permitted for use during a fire event since 2015, enabling dual mode fans to be controlled by VSDs, even during fires. However, there remains some confusion in the industry about how high temperature fans and VSDs can be certified and used for the various smoke applications within buildings. Our new CPD directly addresses this, explaining the standard in detail and the flexibility it offers Consultant and Smoke Designers when it comes to designing solutions.”

This CPD is tailored to elucidate the standard ‘BS EN 12101-3:2002 Smoke and heat control systems – Specification for powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators’ comprehensively. It encompasses insights into regulatory changes, clarifies certification procedures and offers practical guidance for professionals in the field.

Moreover, the CPD delves into the rigorous test conditions that high temperature axial fans and VSDs must undergo, followed by a discussion on best practices in high temperature fan design. Plummer emphasizes the importance of selecting a fan/VSD package that has been tested together and explains the necessity of a VSD “Fire Mode” (smoke clearance function).


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