Nightstick Showcases Forge & Fortem Helmet Lights


Nightstick highlights two cutting-edge helmet lights—Forge (XPP-5466R) and Fortem (XPP-5465R). With a commitment to setting new standards for performance, flexibility, durability, and safety, Nightstick is pioneering helmet lighting for first responders.

Engineered for the demanding conditions of tackling fires, the Forge and Fortem lights are designed to excel when it matters most. Nightstick’s commitment to fire prevention and fighting using Dual-Light technology is evident.

Compared to conventional helmet lights, the Forge and Fortem are built differently; they are crafted to meet the expectations of first responders who require maximum performance. Combining a primary forward-facing LED light with a downward-facing floodlight, first responders have illumination for a variety of tasks. 


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