NFPA and Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. team up

To improve safety for EU rescue workers

 The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. have teamed up to support the safety of emergency responders and rescue workers in the European Union (EU) and United States by providing access to the latest safety resources and training on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Millions of vehicles worldwide are powered by technology involving alternative fuels. Rescue workers face the challenge of staying current on the latest information to help them stay safe when responding to incidents involving electric and hybrid vehicles. Through this joint effort, Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. will become the central provider of knowledge to support rescue workers in the EU by distributing information, online training and research developed by NFPA and its Electrical Vehicle Safety Training Program.

"We have already seen success of the program through implementation of its recommendations in the U.S.,’ said Andrew Klock, NFPA’s sr. manager of Professional Development. "We expect the first responder community in Europe to see the same benefit as it applies these procedures. Learning resources like these are becoming increasingly necessary as countries continue to advance their environmental goals through encouraging residents to use electric vehicles.’

Materials offer guidance specific to electrified vehicles such as identifying the vehicle and power source, the immobilization process, electrical power-down procedures; extrication awareness including high strength steel; recommended practices for vehicle fires and emergency operations, including battery fires and submersion; challenges related to vehicle charging stations and infrastructure.

"Just like NFPA, Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V.’s priority is to provide rescue workers with the most up to date knowledge about electric vehicles and new vehicle technology. Therefore a partnership is a valuable addition for both companies,’ says Jan Mooij, director of Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. "We have a lot of knowledge to share. And due to this partnership, our company can be a knowledge provider for rescue workers all over Europe.’

The Emergency Field Guide (EFG), which NFPA updates and releases periodically is available in the U.S. and features vehicle extrication diagrams from Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. The book includes an overview of all electric and hybrid vehicles, ranked by make and model with manufacturer recommended handling procedures, high voltage component locations and important notes and caution information that were compiled and created by the NFPA after extensive research and partnerships with the auto manufacturers and fire service experts. In addition to traditional hard copy materials such as the EFG, the two organizations are working together to release several digital offerings, including an EFG app and online training that will make these important safety resources more accessible.

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