New thermal imaging camera

Allows excellent situational awareness
FLIR Systems, the world leader in portable thermal imaging, has introduced a brand new range of uncooled radiometric cameras, specifically for firefighting. The new FLIR K-Series enhances the company’s established presence in this sector by factoring in camera features developed for harsh industrial environments.
A typical example is the torch-style grip of this new model that has been proven in the industrial market. It is ideal for single handed operation and, unlike a monocular or binocular thermal imaging camera, can be used when the operator is moving. It provides a clear crisp image at arms length whilst allowing good situational awareness.
The FLIR K-Series is designed to meet the toughest operating conditions. For example it will withstand a drop of two metres onto a concrete floor. It is also water resistant to IP67 and suitable for operation in temperatures up to 85◦C.
FLIR Systems markets more thermal imaging cameras than any other manufacturer. As a result, it has been able to introduce the FLIR K-Series at an extremely affordable price thanks to the manufacturing economies.
Two models complete the series. The FLIR K50 produces thermal images up to 320 x 240 pixels. For those who do not require this high image quality, the FLIR K40 has a 240 x 180 pixels array. 
Both versions feature a bright 4” display and provide a choice of colour palettes to suit the application. Control is via three large buttons on top of the camera that are designed to be easily operated when the firefighter is wearing gloves. 
The FLIR K-Series cameras not only provide thermal images in total darkness but are also able to ‘see’ through smoke, rain and fog. They are therefore ideal for helping firefighters navigate through smoke-filled buildings and for locating victims. 
The camera’s ability to measure temperature provides the firefighter with an important sixth-sense. For example the FLIR K-Series is able to show if a fire is burning behind a wall. Such information can be lifesaving as it warns the operator not to risk a back draft by opening a door or breaking a window.
A quick thermal profile of the scene also highlights areas that remain in danger of re-combustion and enables the operator to confirm when the fire has been successfully extinguished.
Although primarily designed for use at the scene of a fire, the FLIR K-Series is also eminently suitable for use in any search and rescue situation. Thermal images can be stored in-camera and later used to enhance a post-incident report.
In common with all FLIR portable thermal imaging cameras, every FLIR K-Series thermal imaging camera carries a two year product warranty that complements its ten year detector warranty.

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