New Chimney Safe training DVD aims to educate firefighters and save lives

firefighters, both on and off-duty, are …

firefighters, both on and off-duty, are approached by the general public with questions regarding fire safety issues with their fireplace, wood stove, chimney and clothes dryer vent. Surprisingly, firefighters are not trained on the subject of solid fuel and gas combustion appliance emergencies and prevention. Often the answers firefighters provide are not based on formal education, but on myths and misconceptions that can lead to property loss and death.

Chimney Safe Productions Inc.™ has produced Firefighter Knowledge™, a two (2)-DVD public education training series for the firefighter. The training in the series is taught by 30-year veteran career firefighter and Certified Chimney Sweep® Dieter Bove.

Vice President and 30-year veteran career Firefighter, Dieter Bove says: "I’ve been providing this training as a presentation to fire departments for 25 years. Since fire service personnel deal with fires, it is assumed that firefighters know the answers to the public’s questions on this subject when asked. In my experience as a career firefighter and certified chimney sweep, this isn’t the case. We produced this DVD training series so the information would be easily accessible to all firefighters. This is not chimney sweep school for the firefighter, this is information that should be a part of every firefighter’s basic training."

According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryer vent fires have exceeded chimney fires since 2005 and occur most frequently during the month of January.

It is not a chimney sweep school for the firefighter, but it is the information that should be a part of every firefighter’s basic training

This is relevant and practical information that firefighters need to know…

To be better at their jobs and to Accurately communicate and educate the public. The subject of the 2-DVD set covers fireplace types, types of chimney fires and creosote, dryer vent fires, masonry verses prefabricated fireplaces, safe operating guidelines, NFPA codes verses local codes, installation errors that lead to fires, ignition temperature, common myths, carbon monoxide issues, blast furnace effect, combustible materials, wildlife in chimneys and vents, proper maintenance, types of firewood, recommended and dangerous hearth products, fire suppression for the chimney and fireplace emergencies, PPV (positive pressure ventilation) and differences between North American and European chimney systems.

The DVDs are 90 minutes in length and can be viewed either on a high-definition TV monitor or a computer screen. There are nineteen chapters in Video 1 and six chapters in Video 2. Each chapter is less than 5 minutes in length and is recapped for easy, user-friendly viewing when the firefighter goes on a call.

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