Mosmart UK launches biodegradable wetting agent


Mosmart UK, a fire safety solutions company, is revolutionising Class A firefighting with its innovative mineral-based wetting agent, Marine3 Fire. This product, which is both cost-effective and easy to use, is a saline-based solution devoid of harmful chemicals. It contains a unique blend of biodegradable surfactants that, when added to water, reduce the water’s surface tension. This allows for greater penetration and saturation of combustible materials, enabling Marine3 Fire to extinguish fires up to 80% faster than water alone. Additionally, it reduces smoke and toxic emissions and helps prevent reignition.

Marine3 Fire has undergone independent testing and is CE marked for use on all Class A fires. It was recently showcased at the Fire Industry Association (FIA) Fire Summit in Cyprus and has been met with positive reception from industry experts. Sir Ken Knight, former Chief Fire & Rescue Adviser for England, tested the product at the Fire Services College and was so impressed by its performance that he has joined Mosmart UK as an associate adviser. Knight noted Marine3 Fire’s superior effectiveness in extinguishing fires more quickly and with less water compared to conventional methods, as well as its significant reduction in smoke emissions.

Knight highlighted the importance of such innovation in the fire industry, especially given the trend towards smaller firefighting vehicles in the UK, which have fewer crew members and less water capacity. Products like Marine3 Fire, which are highly effective and use significantly less water, are crucial for efficient firefighting operations to ensure quick and safe suppression of fires.

According to Mosmart UK Director, Fraser Donaldson, whilst Marine3 Fire is suitable for all Class A fires, the industry is showing particular interest in its ability to suppress and prevent wildfires and waste fires:

“In the UK and across the world, wildfires are increasing in number and ferocity, and are often difficult to control since they can spread rapidly. The deeper water penetration and faster suppression offered by Marine3 Fire helps to contain wildfires quickly and prevent reignition. It can also be used preventatively to create protective barriers, firebreaks and escape routes. Similarly, Marine3 Fire is particularly effective for fighting and preventing fires at waste and recycling centres, as it can be used to deeply saturate high volumes of combustible materials. We are currently investigating its suitability for use in high-rise fire suppression and sprinkler systems too.”

Easy to use, Marine3 Fire can be added directly to the main fire engine water tank or portable pump system and delivered through the hose in the same way as water alone. It is compatible with Fire & Rescue Services’ existing equipment, including in-line inductors, round the pump proportioners and pick-up tubes, so no additional equipment is required.

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