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Spasciani S.p.A.


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a self-contained compressed air B.A.

The MK2 RN/BN is a self-contained compressed air B.A. to be used in case of oxygen deficiency or in highly contaminated environments. Owing to the versatily of use and easy operation it’s the basic equipment for fire-fighters and rescue team.

Component Parts
– The mask is a panoramic full facepiece connected to the demand valve by means a special quick connector. This mask can also be used in conjunction with gas canister with a standard EN 148-1 connector.
– Demand valve: unique patented warning device inside of the demand valve. When the remaining pressure in the cylinder drops below a special device inside the demand valve actuates the acoustic warning. A loud vibration is made with every inhalation and terminates only when the air reserve is completely used up. The advantages of such a system are:
• No air loss due to the warning whistle: longer duration
• Closeness to the ear and repeat warning: best audibility
• Warning device protected from frost and dirt deposition: function granted under all circumstance
• Warning device working with extension hose even at a long distance from cylinders: granted audibility to the user

– Compensated pressure reducer
– Phosphorescent Gauge
– Anatomically shaped back plate
– Available with one steel cylinder 7 litres 200bar or 3 or 6 litres 300 bar or composite of various capacities.

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