Magirus searches for International Firefighting Team of the Year 2014

Applications start on March 21st

The application process for the International Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award 2014 starts on 21 March – this worldwide competition recognises outstanding commitment to public services.

Fire brigades from around the world can apply at and win a trip to visit the Fire Department of New York (FDNY).

No matter how varied the nature of duties and the structure of fire brigades in many countries may be, they all have one thing in common: firefighters give their utmost 365 days a year on every call-out, even putting their own lives at risk in emergency situations to save others.

Once again in 2014, following its successful launch in the previous year, the International Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award aims to recognise this commitment. From 21 March, fire brigade teams can apply for the title of ‘International Firefighting Team of the Year 2014’ by logging on to and submitting the details of their most impressive and spectacular call-outs. The competition is open to all fire brigade teams except those in Germany, where a national contest is getting under way at the same time.

The aim of the competition organiser Magirus is to increase public awareness of the extensive services provided by local fire brigades. Tobias Knebel from Magirus explains: ‘In the view of many firefighters, they are merely doing their job. However, you have to bear in mind that their job is an exceptional one that requires a great deal of courage, a strong sense of responsibility and the readiness to be called out on duty 24 hours a day. We want to honour this indispensable service to society.’

Winners to visit the FDNY

The ‘Firefighting Team of the Year’ will be honoured with the Conrad Dietrich Magirus award statue. Furthermore, the winning team will receive the prize of a unique journey, allowing a group of ten people to travel to New York City to meet their colleagues in the world’s most famous fire brigade. The package includes flights, accommodation, a full and exciting itinerary, and the priceless experience of mingling with peers at the FDNY.

All welcome

Every fire brigade team is welcome to enter for the award between 21 March and 31 August, no matter whether they are a voluntary team, a professional firefighting unit or a company fire department. The criteria include technically demanding call-outs, innovative strategies, exemplary teamwork and courageous rescue operations, such as the one that won Palermo Fire Department the award in 2013. The Italian team did not hesitate to evacuate a four-storey building that threatened to fall down just before it collapsed completely. Thanks to their courageous, rapid action and an excellent demonstration of teamwork, the firefighters managed to rescue 15 people from the building. ‘We received an incredible amount of congratulations and recognition after the award ceremony, and we are now looking forward very much to finding out about the work of our colleagues in New York,’ says team leader Salvatore La Sala. ‘And of course we are curious to see which brigade will win the competition this year.’

Quick and easy participation

It is important that the call-out detailed in your entry took place between 10 September 2013 and 31 August 2014. The nature, size and individual equipment of the firefighting team do not matter. Any firefighting team that wishes to take part only needs to submit a short report of the call-out, outlining the key details of the process and tactics used together with some photographs from the scene. Applications are welcome from Friday 21 March to Sunday 31 August. Copies of the entry form and more detailed information are available at

An international expert jury with an understanding of firefighting in different countries will review the entries and make a preliminary selection. Fire brigade enthusiasts will then select the winning team from a shortlist of finalists in a global public online vote. The three teams with the most votes will be invited to the award ceremony in Germany, where the prize will be presented on Friday 21 November at the headquarters of Magirus in Ulm. Hotel accommodation and travel costs are included so exciting, unforgettable moments are guaranteed.

About the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award

The Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award was first announced in Germany in 2012 and has been organised on an international level since 2013. The competition is named after an individual who was a pioneer in firefighting and who to this day remains a role model for those in the profession all over the world: Conrad Dietrich Magirus. The firefighter from Ulm made it his mission to improve safety in firefighting for himself and his peers. He came up with revolutionary inventions that went on to receive international attention, such as the turntable ladder, also known as the ‘Ulm ladder’. He founded Magirus 150 years ago, and the company follows the same spirit today, focusing on the work of firefighters and giving these professionals special recognition with the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award.

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