Magirus Camiva: new “pole d’excellence” openes in Chambéry, France

Magirus Camiva has just opened its new site in Chambéry. With a surface of 12,200 sqm

Magirus Camiva has just opened its new site in Chambéry. With a surface of 12,200 sqm, 4,465 of
which are covered, Magirus Camiva’s new site is becoming the brand’s new centre of excellence in
France. It will focus on turntable ladders but also on fire engines, forest fire vehicles, and special
vehicles. Designed to equip over a hundred vehicles per year, the Chambéry site uses standardised
methods to produce customised vehicles.
It includes a maintenance facility for aerials and fire fighting vehicles, a customisation workshop to
apply finishing to new vehicles, a tank pumper and fire hose testing station, a testing station featuring
an 11-metre pit, a spare part and accessory department and an after-sales department for the global
market, a showroom and a dedicated delivery area in which clients will receive their new Magirus
Camiva vehicles, as well as offices for the company’s commercial and administrative services.
Long-standing knowhow
The forty-one employees working on the premises have acquired proven, recognised knowhow over
the years. As fire fighting vehicle specialists, they equip and customise each vehicle according to its
specifications. Indeed, Magirus Camiva has been established in the Chambéry area for over 60
years. Over 10,000 vehicles have been produced in Saint-Alban-Leysse’s workshops since they
began operating. Thanks to Chambéry’s excellence centre, fire fighting departments will continue to
benefit from the best possible services.
A successful relocation
The successful migration from Saint-Alban-Leysse to Chambéry took two years of intensive activity.
As for Magirus Camiva’s new site, 41 of its employees are now based in its Excellence Centre. With
the creation of the new center, the company will aspire to capture a leading in the market.
Magirus Camiva in Chambéry
Magirus Camiva customises all fire fighting vehicle equipment produced in Magirus’ plant in Ulm,
Germany, and Brescia, Italy. Regardless of where the chassis was produced, Magirus Camiva
equips vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 40 tons and above. Building on the combined experience
of Magirus and Camiva, the new Chambéry-based Excellence Centre will provide Magirus Camiva’s
customers with exclusive, customised vehicles produced in compliance with their highly specific
technical recommendations. The 41 employees who now work for Magirus Camiva will strive to
satisfy their demanding customers on this new site, showcasing Magirus Camiva’s knowhow in
Magirus Camiva
Magirus Camiva is part of the Magirus group, which is itself part of CNH Industrial N.V., a global
capital goods leader listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CNHI) and the Milan Mercato
Telematico Azionario (MI: CNHI).
About Magirus
Passion and precision, high-tech and craftsmanship: since 1864, Magirus has stood for innovation and tradition – for
firefighters around the world. Providing a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art fire trucks, ladders, rescue and
equipment vehicles as well as special solutions, pumps and portable pumps, Magirus is one of the largest technology
leaders for firefighting technology in the world


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