LUKAS Spreaders SP 300 E, SP300 and SP 310 upgraded with quick change tip kits

Replaceable tips can be changed in a second

 The "Diamond" shaped tips utilized with SP 300/E models have received a really great resonance from all our customers. What they liked is, that the Diamond tips are literally “biting” into slippery surfaces, namely sheet steel of vehicles“. As a consequence, many have been suggesting that such a tip should become standard with the SP 310, as well.

However: on the other hand there were quite a few whose first choice was definitely the multifunctional tip of the SP 310. What they liked was, that this tip is offering extra opportunities beyond the traditional RTA applications such as: USAR, Disaster Management, Railway- and Aircraft accidents etc.

The best of both worlds is available for LUKAS customers:

The new interchangeable spreader tip system is featuring field replaceable tips which can be changed in a second. The snap mechanism is functioning like the one already known from existing SP 300 / SP 300E models.

Models SP 300 E (eDRAULIC) and SP 300 will be delivered as standard with the Diamond tip, as exercised before. This is to highlight its position as light spreader dedicated to typical RTA scenarios. Standard tips with SP 310 will be the well known multifunctional tips. Those are now promoted as “Universal” tips. "Universal" is highlighting SP 310’s position in the portfolio as the strong all – rounder that reliably masters every challenge beyond the traditional RTA application.

The optional tip packages "Universal" and "Diamond" are meant as accessory kits, each including two tips. Utilizing the same, the SP 300 user will be able to make his tool fit for scenarios beyond RTA. And the SP 310 user will benefit from the Diamond shape in special RTA applications.

In order to serve all customers who like the new tip system, arm retrofit kits have been created. Those are required on top of the tip package for adapting the new tips to existing “traditional” spreaders SP 310 or LSP 40EN. KSV 11 chain set can be used with both SP 300/E and SP 310 and with both "DIAMOND" tips and “UNIVERSAL“ tips.

SP 300 and SP 310 have successfully completed the EN 13204 test and certification procedure.

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