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At this year’s LogiMAT from April 25 to 27 in Stuttgart, WAGNER Group GmbH will be showing its latest fire protection technologies for intralogistics in Hall 7 at Stand C15. The company is focusing on various fields of application that have special requirements in terms of fire protection: Compact storage systems, deep-freeze storage and – as a hot topic – storage of lithium-ion batteries.

“According to statistics, every two minutes a fire breaks out in Germany and often causes considerable damage. In today’s global competitive environment, no company can afford loss of goods or downtime. To protect people and goods, to maintain operational processes and the ability to deliver, companies are dependent on absolutely reliable fire protection,” reports Steffen Springer, Managing Director of WAGNER Group GmbH. “At LogiMAT, we will present which fire protection options are particularly effective in which application areas.”

In automated compact storage systems, the compact storage method of closely arranged and stacked containers leads to a high storage density and concentration of values – and thus to a great risk of loss or even operational interruption in the event of a fire. Fires in compact storage facilities are difficult to fight with conventional extinguishing methods. Another fire risk is the high degree of automation: Cable fires or, for example, overheating on conveyor motors are possible causes of fire. WAGNER will present industry-specific protection solutions at the trade fair.

Fire protection is an important issue for refrigerated and deep-freeze logistics, because ice and cold do not protect against fire here. The wooden pallets usually used to store goods as well as the packaging material are highly flammable in the cold and dry air. In addition, technical defects in control cabinets, cooling units, or vacuum packaging systems and others can cause fires. Flammable insulating materials such as mineral wool or polystyrene installed in the deep-freeze warehouse can also pose a fire hazard. The construction of the storage rooms in ever larger dimensions with their narrow and high aisles and ever decreasing spaces between the shelves promotes rapid spread of the fire and makes it difficult to extinguish using conventional systems or the fire brigade. It is therefore important to prevent the development and spread of fire in cold storage.

The latter also applies to the storage of lithium-ion batteries. Individual fire protection measures are urgently needed here. Because once an energy storage device with lithium-ion technology has caught fire, triggered for example by a thermal runaway, it can no longer be extinguished and must burn down – ideally in a controlled manner. The entire inventory can be lost – a worst-case scenario that can be prevented with a specific fire protection solution.

To demonstrate what optimal fire protection for the storage of lithium-ion batteries can look like, the WAGNER Group GmbH presents their solution for a high-bay warehouse from the company KETTLER Alu-Rad GmbH, in which up to 50,000 e-bikes are packaged ready for shipment and stored with built-in batteries. The solution minimizes the effects of a thermal runaway, avoids the spread of fire and thus ensures the ability to deliver. Storage in the normal storage environment is possible without the batteries having to be deposited in appropriate containers, as is the case with other hazardous substances. This significantly reduces the space requirement as well as the personnel and logistics costs. In addition, the solution was rounded off by organizational fire protection measures. With the help of their own fire tests, the experts from WAGNER defined the optimized, smallest possible distance between the e-bikes stored in boxes. This ensures efficient storage utilisation. The fire protection solution developed individually for KETTLER is one of the first VdS-approved for storing lithium-ion batteries.

Every holistic fire protection solution from WAGNER is based on the use of the certified TITANUS aspirating smoke detectors, which are up to 2,000 times more sensitive than conventional point detectors and detect a fire source as early as the development phase (pyrolysis). The combined oxygen reduction system OxyReduct, which is also part of the fire protection system at KETTLER, ensures that a fire cannot break out or spread under defined conditions.

The OxyReduct cabin at the trade fair stand will show the visitors very clearly how efficient oxygen reduction is in actively preventing fires. Here, it is presented live that no fire can be ignited in an oxygen reduced atmosphere.

In addition, WAGNER´s fire protection experts will be happy to advise interested parties on site regarding fire prevention, early fire detection, firefighting and risk management in all areas of logistics.

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