LHD Group braves the fire world with 'Brave'

A new product line of structural fire-fighter clothing

The LHD Group, headquartered in Cologne, has displayed LION turnout gear made up with a new type of flame retardant outer material in Asia recently for the first time. The material is mainly produced from Lenzing FR® fibers which are manufactured by the Austrian Lenzing group of companies.
Lenzing FR® impresses with superb properties. The integrated heat protection sets worldwide a new quality standard and cannot be removed by cleaning or scrubbing. It protects the firefighter against fire, radiated heat, heat of an electric arc, molten metal
splashes, and inflammable liquids. The material does not break up after flame impingement or exposure to the heat of an electric arc. Class 2 metal splashes just bounce off the surface.
The innovative, rather lightweight material is very suitable to be used in ergonomically designed personal protective equipment (PPE). It is easy to move in. It does not impede during overhead work. The use of water vapor permeable, perforated, reflective strips further enhances the high breathability of the turnout gear.
The LHD Group’s ‘Brave’ PPE combines this unique outer layer with well proven lining material and additional heat and moisture barriers to technological masterpieces that impress with market leading, innovative functionalities. The other material components used in the manufacture of the firefighter clothing also include Lenzing FR® fibers. ‘Brave’ offers firefighters the highest level of protection and comfort. The performance and the efficiency of a fireman are significantly increased by the very high breathability of the material composition. The multifunctional PPE can be ordered worldwide in all usual standard sizes. It can also be tailor-made.
“We have been able to make a quantum leap with the ‘Brave’ firefighter suit. It scores top marks for durability and comfort as well as protection and clearly surpasses the requirements of EN 469: 2005 norm “, says Klaus Hawerkamp, Manager Service Delivery, LHD Group GmbH.
LHD Group’s fire fighting gear is used by fire brigades on five continents, e.g. in Accra, Amsterdam, Christchurch, Hamburg, and Hong Kong.

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