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FOL-DA-TANK presents its latest innovations in product development for portable water tanks, electric vehicle fires and more

Flange Mount Plate

The flange mount plate is permanently installed in the wall of the tank to facilitate through wall drafting. A low-level strainer is connected to the inside flange and a hard suction hose is connected to the outside flange. Through wall drafting reduces the time it takes to prime the pump. It also eliminates the hard suction hose being routed over the top rail of the tank. Overall, saving time and optimizing equipment usage. In addition, the flange mount plate is offset and does not increase the overall width of the folded tank.

Did you know that we make custom products? Check out this custom cover we recently made for a local fire protection district’s plasma cutter.

DA-EV Tank

FOL-DA-TANK®, LLC is excited to announce our new, patent pending product “DA-EV Tank”! This innovative new product is designed to address an increasing problem in the firefighting community, electric vehicle (EV) fires. As EVs have become more popular, being prepared for the inevitable fires caused by thermal runaway in EV batteries is essential.

FOL-DA-TANK®, LLC brings you an effective, portable tank designed to submerge the battery and prevent reignition. Be prepared for anything with DA-EV Tank! Available to order beginning November 8th, 2023. To request a brochure check out their website. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a great resource for understanding how EVs impact the environment.

Contest Time

Do you have pictures of our products in-use? Send them to for an entry into a drawing for FOL-DA-TANK swag. Each picture equals one entry, so send multiple. You can even pose with your department! Two winners will be chosen each month. We can’t wait to see what you have!

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