Kenbri Firefighting and Rosenbauer deliver eight AT3 pumpers

To the Dutch Air Force Command

Kenbri Firefighting has recently delivered eight structural and rescue pumpers to the Dutch Air Force Command (CLSK), which will be deployed at airbases all over The Netherlands. The selected chassis is the Mercedes – Benz Atego 1529 F 4×2 with Rosenbauer AT3 superstructure. The order followed a European tender with Kenbri Firefighting being selected as the general contractor. The vehicles are to be deployed at different airbases in the Netherlands in both extinguishing and rescue work.

The Rosenbauer Group is one of the leading manufacturers of firefighting and disaster protection vehicles for the airport, municipal and industrial sectors. The AT series is a well-developed standardized vehicle concept that is used worldwide. Kenbri Firefighting is the exclusive Rosenbauer dealer for the delivering of Rosenbauer vehicles and components in the Netherlands. The Rosenbauer AT3 vehicles are built on a Mercedes Benz Atego 1529 F chassis (GVW of 14.5 tonnes) with the F (Fire) denoting the special fire application and performance of the Atego Chassis. These features include a spacious cab with excellent visibility, a suspension system tailored to the specific area of deployment, an Allison fully automatic transmission with factory fitted PTO and a chassis prepared for a fire and rescue application.

Mannus Bergboer of Kenbri Firefighting said: ‘The combination of an Atego chassis and a Rosenbauer superstructure is perfect, because the engineers at Daimler and Rosenbauer closely cooperated at a very early stage. This chassis and body are really attuned to the smallest detail on each other. This makes the combination of very high quality and while being extremely reliable. The cabin crew is an integral part of the superstructure. This results in a higher ceiling height and therefore more crew comfort. The outer seats in the crew cabin are equipped with safety belts and side airbags. The airbags are only available in conjunction with the safety belts and because the occupants are well positioned relative to the deployment of the air bag only. To improve communication between the driver cab and crew cab, he cab features the Rosenbauer intercom system. This means the crew in the cabin can listen to the radio communication and (if necessary) to simultaneously communicate with the driver and or officer.

The vehicles are very well equipped with instruments that are unique according to Kenbri Firefighting. ‘These are high-tech products are optimally kitted out so that in ten years they will still be seen as modern. Vehicles are equipped with a central water axis and equipped with a 2,000-litre water tank and two 100-litre foam tanks. The Rosenbauer NH -35 combined high – and low-pressure fire pump has a capacity of 3,500 lpm and also includes the Rosenbauer DIGIMATIC adjustable foam proportioning system which is characterized by the highest degree of precision for the smallest proportioning quantities. Furthermore, the vehicles are equipped with Rosenbauer Flash WR15 CAFS system. CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) consists of water, foam and compressed air. If these elements in the right proportions are brought together extremely stable CAFS foam is created. All the lights on the vehicles has been fitted out in LED`s, including the optical signals (class 1 & 2). The pneumatic light mast (Rosenbauer Flexi-light) is also fitted with eight LED lamps and provides illumination during night operations, equipped with a swivel and tilt capability. The Rosenbauer AT3 vehicles are not equipped with a standard red paint, but the special chrome yellow colour, which is standard for fire and rescue vehicles for the Dutch Military. It makes the vehicles much more visible during night operations as well.

The Bull

The Rosenbauer AT3 fire engines will serve alongside the previously delivered Rosenbauer Out-Of -Area vehicles based on the Mercedes – Benz Actros chassis. This vehicle is nicknamed ‘ The Bull ‘, and is used at Dutch airbases, but also in operational areas worldwide for securing the flight operations and associated camps. This 6×6 vehicle can operate over unpaved terrain independently and operate at temperatures from -32 ° C to +47 ° C, is equipped with a cabin controlled bumper monitor.’ The Rosenbauer RM25E rated to deliver up to 2200 L/Min at 15 Bar, also equipped with CAFS and associated rescue equipment.

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