Janus Fire Systems

Detection and control systems
To supplement each Janus Fire Systems® Fire Extinguishing System, Janus Fire Systems® offers a full line of alarm, detection, and control products.

Available detection devices include a selection of point type ionisation and photoelectric smoke detectors, point type or linear heat detectors, as well as hybrid detectors that combine several of these detection methods.

Manual Stations
Manual releasing stations and abort stations are available in models appropriate for each unique installation, whether indoor, outdoor, or in potentially explosive areas. Lockout and transfer switches are also available.

Varying types of horns, strobes, and horn-strobe combinations provide numerous alarm and notification options in standard, weatherproof, and explosion-proof models.

Control Panels
Janus Fire Systems® carries conventional and addressable control panels and the associated detection and accessories for both. The Janus Fire Systems® JFS-C1 conventional releasing panel provides a series of preset programs for a variety of common system arrangements as well as custom program capabilities. Janus Fire Systems® addressable panels support a variety of modules and auxiliary components allowing for diverse systems to fit the requirements of each extinguishing system.

Air Sampling
For unique early warning detection, Janus Fire Systems® offers the VESDA® Air Sampling Detection System. Air sampling detection differs from point type detection in that it uses piping lined with special orifices to draw air from the protected space to a detector that utilises a high-precision laser to analyse incoming air. The detector can detect background dirt and debris levels in order to adjust for and differentiate between dust and smoke particles. The orifices in the air sampling piping network are located in accordance with NFPA 72 and each orifice is listed as an individual detection device. The use of sample tubing allows for detection in very small spaces such as those found in switchgear, circuit breakers, and capacitor enclosures. It also makes the VESDA® detector immune to EMF and RFI emissions generated by high voltages and frequencies. VESDA® detectors are well suited for highly secure facilities such as clean rooms, underfloors, and ceiling spaces where vacuums or plenums exist with high air flow conditions.

Chemguard Fire Suppression Foam
Janus Fire Systems® is an authorized designer of suppression systems utilising Chemguard Fire Suppression Foam. Fire suppression foam is comprised of three parts: foam concentrate, water, and air. When mixed correctly, these parts form a homogenous foam blanket that extinguishes flames by the combined mechanisms of cooling, separating the flame source from the product surface, suppressing vapors, and smothering. Foam systems are used in protecting flammable and combustible liquids in locations such as airplane hangars, cable tunnel, tank farms, flammable liquid storage, warehouses, and loading facilities.

Vortex Hybrid Watermist Systems
Rounding out the Janus Fire Systems® product offering is the Vortex Hybrid Watermist Suppression System. This Hybrid watermist system utilises a homogenous mixture of water and nitrogen to extinguish fire using very small quantities of water; less than 1.5 gpm (5.67 lpm) for a volume of 2000 cu. ft. (56.63 cu.mt.). The average droplet size is less than 10 microns, virtually eliminating wetting. Applications include turbine compartments, machinery spaces, flammable material storage, and transformer vaults. Due to regional approvals this product may not be available in all areas.

Engineering and calculation software
Janus Fire Systems® employs an experienced staff of engineers and designers for all areas of special hazard protection who work together with authorised Janus Fire Systems® integrators to provide ideal solutions for each individual system and each unique hazard area. Janus Fire Systems® has also developed the Janus Design Suite™ Flow Calculation Software. This user-friendly program has been tested by both UL and FM and allows Janus Fire Systems® integrators to design and calculate agent systems precisely and accurately. Quality products combined with experience, innovation, and the Janus Fire Systems® commitment to service and excellence make Crown Point, Indiana, USA, the epicenter for special hazard fire extinguishing systems.

Contact Janus Fire Systems ® at 1-219-663-1600 or visit our website: www.janusfiresystems.com

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