Iveco Magirus – a history of excellence

An interview with Tobias Welp – Marketing Manager

Iveco Magirus is the global market leader for turn table ladders and its vehicles and components are in use worldwide to rescue, extinguish, recover or to protect. They are versatile, dependable and secure. In 6 locations in Europe, Iveco Magirus produces a unique range of fire fighting and civil protection vehicles. With over 1.500 vehicles sold per year, Iveco Magirus isone of the biggest suppliers manufacturer in this field.


Whenever reliable and high performing technology and innovative solutions are required Iveco Magirus can offer the perfect solution. “Our brand is renown worldwide for the widest range and best in class technology of turntable ladders” says Tobias. “The outstanding history of our company began in 1864. Since that date and up to today innovations from Magirus reshaped the sector.


The actual range of turn table ladders cover rescue heights from 20 to 60 meters, offers the most advanced ladder tip articulations and has a worldwide unique stabilization control system. Like this we can offer a perfect solution to any specific need of our customers.” But Iveco Magirus has to offer much more and Tobias is keen to promote two other vehicles. The new Dragon dedicated to airport fire fighting and the Multistar, a versatile vehicle which combines perfectly tank pumper and height rescue mission.



The Dragon is a new generation of airport firefighting vehicles; they address the extreme demands often associated with firefighting operations at airports. “Right from the commercial launch in 2010 we are collecting continuously new orders from Europe to Asia Pacific. And the feedback from our customers which have the vehicle already in

operation are very positive.” “All our vehicles comply with NFPA and ICAO standards and we provide a full technical backup service to all our clients”, says Welp. “We either have local technicians in the countries or work closely

with partners to ensure unrivalled support.”


The Super Dragon 8×8 (Air crash Tender) has a rear mounted twin pack engine with more than 1100hp which fulfils Euro5 emission standards. It has rigid-axle suspension with coil springs and an overall width of 3m. It uses many components from Iveco CV and Iveco Magirus thus ensuring reliability and availability of spare parts.


“Innovation, all-new concepts specifically developed for the chassis, drive train, extinguishing technology, control system and design result in an attractive range of vehicles that can do more than ever before.


“In keeping with the Iveco Magirus philosophy, this consistent solution has been developed in-house and is produced using a ‘one- stop shop’ approach. The modular system makes it possible to implement different configurations and drive variants that include 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 chassis.” Welp says. 

The SuperDragon key facts

Max. speed: > 135 km/h

Engine: 2 cursor13 engines with >1100hp (Euro5 and Euro3 compliant)

Acceleration 0 – 80 km/h: < 25 sec

Transmission: Allison fully automatic with retarder

Brakes: Disc brakes

Breathing apparatus in cab: 4 sets

Pump output, standard pressure: 10,000 l/min at 10 bar

Pump output, high pressure: 250 l/min at 40 bar

Tank volume, water: 14,000 – 17,000 litres

Tank volume, foam: 1,500 – 2,500 litres

Dry powder: 500 – 1,000 kg

CO2: 120 kg


Variable: The new cab offers room for 3, 4 or 6 people. The driver’s seat can be positioned on the left, on the right or in the centre. In the cab, up to four seats with BA storage possible. Vehicle entry is ergonomically optimised for fire-fighting operations. Large, deep windows provide optimal visibility in all directions. Different Water- / Foam monitor solutions for the front and the roof available Boom with piercing nozzle 


Wide ranging additional equipment possible

Alternative extinguishing agent capacities

Alternative pump outputs



The Multistar is one of the most versatile fire fighting vehicles on the market. “Now in its second generation the Multistar is a fantastic product for fire brigades which are looking for a vehicle which combines tank pumper or road rescue applications with the possibilities of an aerial rescue device.” states Tobias. 


“We see a growing demand for this kind of vehicle as more and more fire brigades need to be as flexible as possible during first attack operations and are looking for products with enhanced tactical value.”


The Multistar can host a crew of up to 9 fire fighters (1+8). The internal mounted water tank has a capacity of 1.600L and grants maximum space available for equipment on the side lockers. A storage capacity of 9.5m³ for approx. 1.800kg of equipment makes it unique in its class.


The aluminium telescopic boom is equipped with a cage, which can carry up to 3 persons and operates in a range of -12m down reach up to +31m with an outreach of 16,5m at maximum cage load.


Multistar key facts

Chassis Iveco Eurocargo 180E30 4×2 with 299hp

Crew Cab: 1+2, 1+5, 1+8 with up to 7 breathing apparatus

Pump output: 2500 l/min at 10 bar

Tank capacity: 1600 liter

Locker storage: 9,5m³ for 1.800kg of equipment

Operating range of telescopic boom: -12m to +31m

Outreach: 16,5m with max cage load


Foam mixing system CaddiSys

Internal foam tank: 300l

Pneumatic light mast

Integrated waterway to cage


Iveco Magirus also produces a wide range of fire fighting components: portable and truck mounted pumps, foam mixing systems and monitors.


The company began 1864 when Conrad Dietrich Magirus started the commercial manufacturing of his fire-fighting devices in Ulm, Germany. The city on the Danube is still the headquarters of the company that now operates as a global player under the name Iveco Magirus.


Now the company operates from six locations in Europe. Commercial operations cover more than 80 countries throughout the world, always respecting the local requirements of each country. 


“The company plan to evolve the existing range of vehicles in the forthcoming year,” says Welp. “We will continue with our research and further develop our portfolio to refine our unique offering to the fire fighting industry"

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