Introducing the Smartfind S20

your personal AIS beacon…

The latest product to hit the shelves in the McMurdo range distributed by Crewsaver. The Smartfind S20 SRS (Survival Recovery System) has been specifically designed as a personal AIS search and rescue locating device to quickly and efficiently locate and retrieve a missing crew member. It is compatible with existing AIS enabled chart plotters and onboard navigation systems providing a reliable and cost effective solution for crew safety.
‘The Smartfind S20 is a vital piece of kit for anyone who plans to venture offshore. Small, compact and easy to attach to most life jackets, it’s your saving device in an emergency situation.’- Greg O’Brien, Sales and Marketing Manager at Crewsaver. How Smartfind S20 works
• S20 is activated in an emergency crew recovery situation.
• An alert message is transmitted to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled chart plotters within a 4 mile radius (typical).
• An AIS SART alert icon (picture below) marks the survivor’s location.
• Precise target survivor information including GPS position becomes viable when the chart plotter cursor is positioned over the icon.
• Provides exact location, distance and bearing to locate person(s) in need of assistance.

Don’t miss this essential product at your local retailer. Full brochure can be downloaded online… Smartfind S20.

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