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PROFOAM a manufacturer of high-quality fire-fighting foam concentrates is pleased to welcome you to Intersec, held in Dubai from Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th January 2023 

Formed in 2003 by a group of experts in the field of fire-fighting foams, PROFOAM draws on the extensive knowledge of the dedicated teams at Sabo Italy and Sabo France, and most notably on the experience and expertise of Dr Attilio Morandi in the field of chemistry and the formulation of foam concentrates. 

This technical capability is allied with the extensive infrastructure and advanced production technology of the world renown PROCHIMICA group. 

With a production plant located at the heart of the European continent, PROFOAM can quickly and efficiently distribute its products globally via Milan airport or from any of the nearby seaports. 

Based in Paris to oversee global sales, Profoam International has a team of experienced specialists ready to assist and advise our international customers and end users. 


PROFILM AR AR is a composition of fluorocarbon surfactants, active hydrocarbon surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, and special natural soluble polymers, which enable the formation of an aqueous film on the surface of hydrocarbons and a dense intermediate layer between polar solvents (alcohols, ethers, ketones) and the foam blanket, so preventing the emission of vapours normally destructive to conventional foams. 

Due to its versatile qualities, PROFILM AR can be used for the extinguishing of hydrocarbon fires, where its optimum film-forming capacity can achieve rapid fire knock-down, of for difficult oxygenated chemical substances, or to prevent the emission of toxic and corrosive vapours. 


PROFREE F3-AR foam concentrate is based on a new FLUORINE-FREE formulation of synergetic surfactants and foam stabilisers, resulting in a highly plastic and remarkably fluid foam, extremely resistant to the destructive effects of oxygenated substances (alcohols, ketones, ethers, etc). PROFREE F3-AR is totally free from fluorinated surfactants. 

PROFREE F3-AR is designed for use at low, medium and high expansion ratios. 

Due to its versatility, PROFREE F3-AR can be used for the extinguishing of both hydrocarbon and polar solvents fires. At low expansion, PROFREE F3-AR is suitable for fighting all types of fires regularly encountered by civil firefighting units. 

When used in high-expansion generators, PROFREE F3-AR allows the total flooding of large areas and is most suitable for the protection of hangars and chemical products storage warehouses. 


PROSINTEX A foam concentrate is formulated using synergetic surfactants, wetting agents and foam stabilisers, and is capable of providing important wetting and cooling effects on class A fires (wood, fabric, rubber, etc.). 

PROSINTEX A extinguishes class A fires, also called ‘dry fires’, using a three-way action: 

  • Cooling the seat of fire 
  • Smothering the fire by engulfing the area and increasing the water vapour content in the atmosphere 
  • Acting as a wetting agent to aid the penetration of water into the heart of the fire 

PROSINTEX A is designed for use at very low concentrations and is therefore very economical. It greatly improves the ability of water to extinguish a fire and can also be used as a wetting agent. 

Stand: Hall 4, French Pavilion 

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