Interschutz 2010 and Rosenbauer

Capturing the industry’s imagination

This year, no other program item has captured the attention of the international fire industry to the extent achieved by the leading “INTERSCHUTZ 2010 – Der Rote Hahn” trade fair, which took place in Leipzig from June 7-12. Taking a look back at the INTERSCHUTZ 2010 in Leipzig, a total of 125,000 trade show visitors, a number which exceeded the expectations of the exhibitors by far, made the numerous preparations for this big event of the year well worth it. Rosenbauer displayed its complete performance and product range on nearly 5,000 m² of floor space and was rewarded with approval from all sides.

The new AT – the municipal fire service vehicle of the future

The AT from Rosenbauer has been a byword among fire services for more than 15 years. Moreover, ever since the first generation, it has been subject to ongoing improvements and in the meantime, over 2,000 vehicles are in operation worldwide. Now, this year’s INTERSCHUTZ is to witness Rosenbauer’s presentation of the latest AT generation. Two characteristics speak volumes about the new AT, namely compactness and quality. The ratio of the storage space volume to the external dimensions has been further increased and for the first time, the entire room available in the superstructure can be used with absolute flexibility. The extinguishing technology of the new AT “thinks”. A central water axis undertakes logical water distribution precisely where and whenever it is required, whether this be to the tank, the pump, or both simultaneously. Such distribution can also be supplemented by feed pressure control, which is regulated automatically.

A further AT highlight is the Rosenbauer Electric Power System (EPS), a hybrid system developed especially for use in firefighting vehicles. This provides up to 140 kVA at a constant 400 V and 50 Hz. EPS stands for a modular system consisting of an integrated generator, converter and the respective electrical consumers in various performance classes. Not only can the consumers in the vehicle be fed via the EPS, but also an external emergency supply.

PANTHER – The leading international airport firefighting vehicle

For almost 20 years, the PANTHER has represented the global benchmark for airport firefighting vehicles and not only due to its media presence, is one of the global standard-bearers of the Rosenbauer Group. Accordingly, as the world’s most famous ARFF, the PANTHER was also be on display at this year’s leading “ INTERSCHUTZ – Der Rote Hahn” trade fair.

The PANTHER series consists of 2-, 3- and 4-axle chassis with permanent all-wheel drive, 500 -1,260 hp engines and tank volumes of 6,000 -19,000 l. The optimum system integration of chassis, superstructure and extinguishing technology on a one-stop shopping basis is also a decisive element in the PANTHER’s world market success.

The fact that for many years, with regard to performance, extinguishing capacity, model diversity and design there has been no comparable product on the market, distinguishes the PANTHER as a top international product. Perfect interplay between chassis and superstructure.

The chassis are a Rosenbauer in-house development and are continually adapted to the steadily increasing demands with regard to performance and emissions by means of company know-how. This guarantees that the chassis and the superstructure match perfectly, and extreme torque resistance is achieved by means of closed box frame sections and welded transverse supports.

Together with individual axle suspension and progressive coil springs, this provides maximum on- and off-road driving safety and mobility. The two- and three-axle
chassis are produced by Rosenbauer Motors in Wyoming, Minnesota, while the four-axle versions are manufactured in Europe. The PANTHER is available in single- and double-engine versions with outputs of 500 – 1,260 hp.

The selected engines correspond with the respective, current exhaust gas regulations (e.g. EURO 5 with TÜV certification). With an operational weight of almost 50 t, the enormous engine performance provided by the four-axle, double engine configuration permits acceleration of 0 – 80 kph in less than 25 seconds and a top speed in excess of 135 kph. In the double engine version, during start- up both motors are mechanically linked and the entire output split among all four axles.

In addition, the futuristic appearance and formally demanding lines of the vehicle generate high levels of product recall and Rosenbauer has received numerous international design prizes as a result. In 2006, the PANTHER even won the coveted “iF design award“, the “red dot award”, the “Focus Energy in Gold” and the IDEA design prize in the USA.

Perfect extinguishing technology

The entire extinguishing technology represents a completely integrated and efficient system and offers pump output of up to 10,000 l/min. All PANTHER models allow simultaneous and independent extinguishing and driving (pump & roll). In the case of the four-axle, double engine model, during extinguishing the engines are disconnected, one supplying the drive train to all four axles and the other, the pump system. Roof and front monitors have an output of up to 10,000 l/min and a throw range of over 90 m. As an option, the PANTHER can be equipped with the Rosenbauer STINGER turret.

Düsseldorf Airport receives a new PANTHER 8×8 SWB

This year, the PANTHER family has been supplemented with another brand-new model. As the global market leader, Rosenbauer will be supplying the PANTHER 8×8 with a shortened wheelbase and the airports in both Leipzig and Düsseldorf will already be putting this multifunctional vehicle into operation in 2010.

The most obvious visible change in the PANTHER 8×8 SWB (Short Wheel Base) as opposed to the standard version is the wheelbase, which has been shortened by around a meter. Nonetheless, the top quality features remain exactly the same with engine output of 1,260 hp and permanent eight-wheel drive.

The extinguishing technology is also free from limitations with an N100 pump, FOAMATIC RVME 600 foam system, RM60 roof monitor, RM25 roof monitor, etc. and in addition, the vehicle can be fitted with STINGER turret. The most important differences to the PANTHER with a long wheelbase derive from the fact that SWB version has a license for public roads and has a water tank volume of 12,500 l (basic model: 16,800 l) and foam tank capacity of 1,500 l (basic model: 2,200 l). This latest Rosenbauer PANTHER model was also be showcased at the INTERSCHUTZ 2010.

The PANTHER fulfills international demands

Within the scope of the PANTHER family, Rosenbauer will continue to orientate itself to the future demands of airport fire services with regard to design, performance and technology.

Every prototype is tested down to the smallest detail and apart from service life simulation and a static tipping test, is also subject to dynamic driving tests in order to secure the highest possible safety levels. In line with its quality philosophy, Rosenbauer only hands over fully tested vehicles to its customers and therefore many international clients rely on products from the PANTHER family.

Since its market launch, over 800 PANTHERs have been put into operation in more than 70 countries and with the world’s most efficient ARFF concept, attributes such as reliability, safety, cost-efficiency and dynamics have been realised on a customised basis.

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