Intelligent fire protection management

WinGuard is the software platform for the efficient organisation of the entire corporate fire protection and security, cross-domain and vendor neutral

For almost 20 years Advancis and its product WinGuard is market- and technology leader in the sector of independent security and building management systems. The PSIM+ concept integrates several non-connected security systems into one centralized, efficient organization platform.
Due to the cross-domain and vendor neutral integration of security, communication and building managing technologies, WinGuard provides visual information and uniform operation for all technical systems and their intelligent integration in comprehensive security concepts as well as into the corporate IT infrastructure.
By following a consistent partner-orientated strategy, Advancis has comprehensive expertise in all industrial sectors and applications. The company’s headquarters and development department is located in Langen/ Frankfurt, Germany. A strict in-house-development policy combined with thorough customer care is the base for successful and long-term business partnerships.

In-depth integration – WinGuard maintains the connection
WinGuard integrates – cross-domain and vendor neutral – all types of installed systems as well as data and information which is collected and processed in the context of corporate security. This information is concentrated at a uniform user interface and made available for editing and evaluation, centrally and easy to use. A variety of interfaces guarantee the compatibility with all relevant systems.
In practice, the WinGuard platform is collecting all incidents from the different security, information and facility management systems. With several hundred implemented interfaces, WinGuard is not only connecting different signals, but also different operating philosophies.
In contrast to many other building automation systems or operating programs which are specialized for sub-areas, WinGuard maps the data points just as people see them: as sensors with clearly defined, self-explanatory statuses. These are available in the system for further processing without any need for complicated conversion or prior adjustment. As a non-proprietary system, WinGuard does not compete with the vendors of the partner systems – an invaluable advantage with regard to cooperation and technical harmonization. Furthermore, even individual interface adjustments are provided with the WinGuard price guarantee, preventing unpleasant and expensive surprises for the customer.
For WinGuard, interface integration means more than just taking over and displaying messages. The standard is a complete bidirectional connection and use of all functions enabled by the partner system up to automatic master data exchange. The integration of further information, such as data from CAD systems, CAFM (Computer Assisted Facility Management), merchandise management, human resource systems and many others is a matter of course for WinGuard in order to provide the best possible solution for security-related and organizational tasks.
WinGuard can easily be integrated into all network environments. For this purpose, embedded network monitoring is available in the form of the WinGuard Inspector and various interfaces such as SNMP.

Seconds are decisive in case of an alarm
With its user-friendly information architecture, WinGuard is the decisive tick faster, allowing an immediate overview and response. Messages are prepared with CAD graphics, dynamic text-to-speech output and compact additional information. In case of an alarm, hierarchically structured procedures and automatic proposals support the operator in taking the appropriate actions.

Always keep an eye on the critical place
Views of buildings and rooms, live pictures, video recordings, personal data such as photos or additional information, device data, maintenance details – a wide range of information is available to the operator in a direct and easy to use form. A verified picture of the situation is created, and the operating staff can initiate specific countermeasures, provide specific help or can suppress a false alarm immediately in order to avoid costs.

Modules which fit together – Flexibility is guaranteed
Modules ensure that WinGuard is extremely flexible and well-prepared for the future, and at the same time the system allows easy operation and configuration.

Modular and manageable
With customised modules for specific functions, systems, procedures and industries, WinGuard also includes special requirements without overloading the basic system. Development is always focused on ease of use during daily operations and for configuration. Only a flexible and constantly maintained system fulfills the strict requirements for a perfect security organization.

Extensive logging and analysis
All system activities are permanently monitored. Each message, action, data flow and information piece is recorded in a locked archive. Extensive audit lists allow maintenance routines for all integrated sensors and devices, including a consistent documentation.
Versatile statistic evaluation options enable cost control and procedure optimization. The results can easily be exported into an Excel file or in text format, which means that further transfer and analysis options with other tools are available.

Distributed data management – Central control
WinGuard’s flexible, distributed data management strategy permits a centralized integration and control of all system components via open and flexible system architecture. WinGuard also adapts to heterogeneous environments and networks without the operator having to understand the complexity behind them.

Redundancy and high availability
WinGuard can compensate for the failure of individual system components by ensuring that security relevant messages are processed at all times. If required, WinGuard also fulfills the highest requirements for availability and reliability with advanced hot standby strategies and location servers. In this case the entire chain of components, from the system interface to the user interface, is designed redundantly.

Global networking
WinGuard permits cross-location networks in which the information flow can be distributed in an ideal way to the various responsibility areas. Via the 3D rights concept, powerful tools such as end-to-end graphics capabilities, the Workflow Manager and over 25 available languages – including left to right switch – are available. This allows the facilitation of complex procedures as they are broken down into simple and easy to use operations.

Mobile applications
As the demands towards the services and flexibility of corporate security grow, so does the need to integrate mobile devices into the information workflow. For this purpose WinGuard offers a webserver and an iPhone app, providing operator system access on a mobile device.

Efficient deployment everywhere
WinGuard concentrates the experience of hundreds of installations in various sectors and applications. Starting with a private house installation and visualization for a single facility up to distributed systems with high availability and multiple fallback levels: WinGuard does the job.

WinGuard Partner take care
Close co-operation and continuous assistance are key factors for the successful operation of a security and building management solution. The WinGuard partner concept makes sure that qualified local partners convert particular requirements of the client into an individual security solution.

Protecting investments on a long-term basis
WinGuard offers unique investment protection: Through the cross-domain and vendor neutral system integration, WinGuard permits sub-systems to be chosen freely – on a price- or functionality-driven basis, both today and in the future.
The efficient assignment of operating personnel with minimized administration, service and training costs including a software maintenance contract provide transparence in corporate security expenses.

A future-proof program
WinGuard is constantly evolving. The guiding rule is to reflect the state of the art, follow trends, and at the same time always remain compatible and reliable.
Through its work in committees of many associations, its constant presence at trade fairs and its active dialogue at countless events, the WinGuard product team always has its finger on the pulse of time, to efficiently translate market developments into reality. Look forward to future WinGuard extensions!

WinGuard X3 – The New Generation
With the new version X3 WinGuard is further optimizing the centralized, integrated platform for the complete corporate security.

• The completely new developed Event Workflows comprise innovative process control as well as multiple options for message processing and the organization of daily operations.

• Reports offer even more functionality and convenience. Especially with regard to the upcoming new certifications (e.g. EN-50518), functionality demands are constantly increasing.

• The interactive Layout Manager offers flexible and individual design options for each user interface. Based on priorities, operators are able to manage events and workflows in a logical sequence.

This is how the highest security level is ensured, even in case of various incidents all happening at the same time.


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