Hochiki announces full range of EN54-23 compliant VADs

Base sounder beacons, wall sounder beacons and ceiling beacons

Hochiki Europe, the leading manufacturer of innovative life safety solutions, has announced the imminent release of a full range of EN54-23 compliant VADs (Visual Alarm Devices), including base sounder beacons, wall sounder beacons and ceiling beacons, all of which are loop-powered.

The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 made the inclusion of VADs mandatory in all public buildings, but they are also a requirement for those working in areas of high ambient noise, such as factories. The British Standards Institute (BSI) introduced EN54-23 in June 2010 in order to set stricter guidelines on the installation and performance requirements of VADs.

Since the beginning of 2014 this standard has been mandatory and compliant products are only permitted to emit a red or white light and are classified into ceiling mounted devices, wall mounted devices and an open class category. The specified light output is 0.4 lumens per m2 or 0.4 Lux and Hochiki Europe’s VADs have been tested and assessed by an EU notified body to determine coverage volume, based on the distance at which the required illumination is met.

Hochiki’s new wall and ceiling beacons are available with either red or white LEDs which provides the installer with additional flexibility when deciding on the requirements of each installation. The brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted on these models from the control panel (dependent on control panel compatibility), and this can reduce the number of devices an installer is required to stock, as each one can produce up to three different ratings.

The circuitry in the new wall and ceiling beacons is also continually monitored to ensure that it is still functioning. When in operation, LED light output is monitored via a separate sensor to ensure that a flash occurs, saving time on scheduled walk tests during maintenance procedures.

Finally, the new wall and ceiling beacons have the ability to be powered externally from a separate 24V power supply, which means that for projects requiring multiple VADs, the loop current will be less affected by the LEDs when they are activated – and therefore more devices can be placed on the loop.

“EN 54-23 marks a seismic shift in the way fire detection products and systems are designed, manufactured, specified and used,” commented Graham Lowe, sales director at Hochiki Europe. ‘Its impact will be significant and anything that enhances the protection of people should be welcomed.”

For further information please contact Hochiki Europe on +44 (0)1634 266566, email:
e-marketing@hochikieurope.com or visit www.hochikieurope.com.

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