Groupe ADP to Purchase Four Oshkosh Striker Volterras

Oshkosh Airport Products, a division of Pierce Manufacturing Inc., and a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation (NYSE: OSK), announces Groupe ADP, the world leader in developing and managing airports, with 26 airports around the world, including Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget, has secured a contract for four Oshkosh Airport Products Striker® Volterra™ 6×6 electric aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) vehicles. These environmentally advanced fire apparatus will make up an entire fleet replacement for Paris-Le Bourget Airport, located just eight kilometers northeast of Paris, France.

The safety and green capabilities of the Striker Volterra ARFF were not the only reasons Groupe ADP selected these electric vehicles. With proven performance, the vehicles offer exceptional acceleration, a custom chassis and suspension, and a fully electric range that enables them to perform all the daily tasks required at the airport.

The four Striker Volterra electric ARFF vehicles will feature other advanced technologies and design elements. With an industry-leading modular cab design and TAK-4® all-wheel independent suspension, these vehicles are built to deliver outstanding performance in emergency response situations. Each vehicle will be equipped with a 10,500-liter (2,770-gallon) water tank, an 800-liter (210-gallon) foam tank, and a 7,570 lpm (2,000 gpm) water pump. Additionally, they will be equipped with a 250 kg (550 lb.) dry chemical powder system and the Oshkosh Eco EFP™ foam system, which reduces environmental concerns by requiring zero foam on the ground for testing foam percentage.

“By investing in the cutting-edge Oshkosh Striker Volterra electric ARFF vehicles, Paris–Le Bourget Airport is setting a new standard for low-carbon operations,” said Sebastien Couturier, Paris-Le Bourget managing director. “This initiative demonstrates our unwavering commitment to crew safety and environmental responsibility as we lead the way in the electrification of airport vehicles in Europe. We are excited about this partnership with Oshkosh Airport Products and look forward to a future where sustainable solutions pave the way for a cleaner and brighter aviation industry.”

Paris–Le Bourget Airport is the largest airport for business aviation and medical flights in Europe and is renowned for its historical significance as the landing site of Charles Lindbergh’s solo transatlantic crossing in 1927. The airport sets itself at the forefront of renewable energy and sustainability advancements with the acquisition of Striker Volterra electric vehicles. This purchase marks a significant milestone as the first electric ARFF trucks sold in Europe, setting a new standard for low-carbon aviation.

“Our Oshkosh Europe sales and marketing team worked diligently to provide the extensive information and testing protocols needed to establish the trust and confidence of Groupe ADP in their purchasing decision,” said Jim Johnson, executive vice president, Oshkosh Corporation, and president, Oshkosh Vocational. “We are proud to offer a solution that exceeds international standards for performance and safety and supports the evolution of green aviation. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with Groupe ADP and customers worldwide as we collectively navigate the path towards more sustainable and innovative ARFF vehicle solutions.”

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