Greater Manchester moving forward with Strategic Cobra Implementation

Greater Manchester is one of the largest Metropolitan Fire and Rescue Services in the UK

Greater Manchester as one of the largest Metropolitan Fire and Rescue Services in the UK has embarked on the process of implementing a fully embedded coldcut™ cobra strategy as an essential part of its "future firefighting project". Greater Manchester is presently installing 44 Cobra units into all of its operational stations, making it the first Metropolitan Service in the UK to totally incorporate Cobra as an integral part of its front line firefighting capability.

Greater Manchester has focused its approach on the application of new technologies and innovation as a means of achieving the challenging objectives of firefighter safety, public value and community protection, in an increasingly complex and hazardous world. The Cobra cutting extinguisher is a central tenet of Greater Manchester’s investment in new technologies and equipment, and its approach to the development of new operational processes and tactics.

Cold Cut Systems highly values Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s approach to the development of its future firefighting project and its confirmation of the Cobra cutting extinguisher as part of this strategy. Cobra is an innovative, safe and efficient firefighting method, which beyond its present use in a wide range of municipal and industrial firefighting settings, is clearly highly applicable to the Metropolitan firefighting environment in the UK. Cold Cut Systems looks forward to supporting and working with Greater Manchester as it develops Cobra towards full implementation over the coming months.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is one of the largest Fire and Rescue Service in the UK with over 2,500 members of staff and 41 fire stations. It covers an area of approximately 1,300 square kilometres and a population of 2.5 million.

coldcut™ cobra

Cold Cut Systems AB is world-leader in the field of Cutting Extinguishing. At present there are about 750 Cobra systems installed in everything from small vans to rescue service vehicles in more than 30 countries. The Cobra Cutting Extinguisher method allows the fire fighter to safely combat the fire from the outside of a building or structure. The ultra-high pressure lance creates a small hole through all known building and construction materials, and injects a very fine water mist into the compartment. The water mist (created by the >250 bar pressure) will rapidly cool any hot fire gases and extinguish or suppress the fire. Following operations can be performed in a safe and relatively cool environment.

Experience and many independent research projects confirm the effectiveness in a wide range of operations from domestic houses to large industrial properties.

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