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Tyco Fire Protection Products (TFPP) part of Tyco international designs, manufactures and supplies fire protection products through independent fire system installers, dealers and distributors and also Tyco’s internal contracting and services businesses including ADT and Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions. With world class brands including ANSUL, CHEMGUARD, FLAMEVision, GRINNELL, HYGOOD, NEURUPPIN, PYRO-CHEM, RAPID RESPONSE, SIMPLEX, SKUM, SPRINKCAD, THORN SECURITY, Williams Fire & Hazard Control, and ZETTLER, TFPP has a comprehensive range of fire protection technologies to suit a wide variety of environments, from sprinklers for residential and care homes to foam extinguishing solutions for petrochemical and hazardous areas.

These core products and brands are categorised into four areas:

Water based products – sprinklers and associated valve systems for commercial and residential applications.

Fire detection and alarm products including control equipment and sensors for specialist fire installers and distributors and Care Communications solutions for hospitals and care homes.

Mechanical grooved products which are used to connect pipes and pipework together in commercial and industrial premises and are used in fire systems and non–fire system applications such as HVAC. Metal framing and support products used to help support pipework in any commercial and industrial application.

Special Hazards – portable extinguishers, fixed suppression 4. systems using inert gases to protect areas where water is not suitable eg data suites, heritage, plant rooms etc and foam systems to extinguish fires in hazardous environments such as oil and gas and petrochemical applications and market specific suppression solutions including restaurant and vehicle protection.

TFPP is continuously enhancing existing technology and developing new products to ensure they meet the changing demands of their customers worldwide, and of course that they meet the strictest safety standards.


Fire detection sosolutions to meet Global standards

TFPP has a strong heritage in the design and development of fire detection systems, developing them for over 50 years, and were the first to market with carbon monoxide technology and triple sensing technology 3oTec (combined optical, carbon monoxide and temperature detection) which is highly effective at minimising false alarms and especially suitable for hotels, hospitals and residential care homes where disruption to patients and guests needs to be minimised.

TFPP has a global network of engineers in 15 R&D facilities worldwide who are continously sharing technology, knowledge and ideas and creating solutions tailored to local markets and customer needs. With a range to suit European and Global standards from Simplex with UL approval and Zettler for the European markets TFPP has a comprehensive range of detection solutions.

Recently a new addition to the range; FireClass was launched in the UK & Ireland aimed at the independent fire installer. FireClass is the latest innovation in fire detection technology which integrates a full range of detectors and ancillary units with both conventional and addressable panels. This new system provides installers and fire system integrators with advanced fire detection products designed with ease of installation and simplicity in mind available from a single provider. FireClass has been engineered for intuitive use and simple configuration and is based on a well established and trusted technology platform. It offers customers an ‘out of box’ fire detection solution that can be easily configured and installed. As an open protocol platform, FireClass also gives end users flexibility in service and maintenance options and spare part procurement. FireClass will soon be launched in other European markets aimed at the independent distributors and installers.

Protecting spspecial hazard environments

There are many challenging and hazardous environments where water cannot be used to extinguish a fire and therefore requires a specific suppression agent and technology to protect valuable assets and people, and TFPP has an array of them to choose from.

INERGEN is an inert gas blend of Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide, and provides high levels of safety. As it uses naturally occurring gases there is no environmental impact. The INERGEN total flooding fire suppression system is designed to protect spaces enclosing high value assets and processes. Recently the system has been enhanced with the addition of i-Flow Technology to provide dramatically improved discharge characteristics, lower installation costs and reduced enclosure over pressurisation. INERGEN using i-flow technology will soon be available throughout Europe and the Middle East.

SAPPHIRE is a safe, clean agent system which is proven to be environmentally friendly. Since its introduction by Tyco, the SAPPHIRE system using 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid has been widely accepted as a fire suppression system of choice for many critical hazard applications and has amassed a host of international industrial and marine approvals. To reassure users that SAPPHIRE systems are safe for the environment, every SAPPHIRE installation now carries a 20 year environmental warranty.

The FM200 system using Du Pont FM200 has proven to be the most widely used fire suppression system globally and continues to offer an affordable solution. It is a safe, clean agent system which has been proven in use for over 20 years and installed in virtually every country in the world. The system is internationally accepted as providing reliable and effective fire protection solutions for high value assets, processes and locations, as well as the people who work in these protected areas.

INERGEN, SAPPHIRE, FM200 and CO2 systems have been used in a wide range of applications, including telecommunication sites, data centres, archives, museums, oil & gas facilities, power generation and in both civil and military marine applications.

Protecting mining and military vehicles in extreme hazards

Other technology developments TFPP has focused on include Vehicle Protection and TFPP has the very latest solutions in this field. In response to the mining industry’s need for vehicle fire protection, the first ANSUL vehicle fire suppression systems was developed and introduced in the 1960s. The ANSUL A101 (dry powder) and LVS (Liquid Vehicle System) provide the optimum protection for the challenges faced by off road vehicles, such as those used in mining, quarrying and forestry, operating 24 hours per day 365 days a year in some of the most hostile environments imaginable. FM approved, the A101 dry powder system rapidly knocks down fires, whilst the LVS system has exceptional cooling properties.

Since then this extensive experience and knowledge of vehicles operating under the most arduous conditions encouraged Tyco’s R&D team to start work on developing one of the most advanced Military vehicle fire suppression systems available today. The AFSS is a lightweight compact system engineered to minimise weight, space and ensure ease of integration with the vehicle operating systems. Within milliseconds of either a slow growth or rapid spread explosive or ballistic event the fire is detected and contained with a field proven fire suppressing agent. The system can be activated automatically or manually depending on the type of event and its severity. ANSUL is a premium brand of Tyco Fire Protection Products, offering a full line of special hazard, fire suppression/detection systems, suppressing agents, and portable fire extinguishers.

Restaurant fire suppression

In restaurants and hotels throughout the world, kitchen fires are occurring daily, mainly caused by the build-up of grease in appliances. Such fires can cause significant issues to brand reputation, not to mention having a severe impact on business continuity. In response to these hazards TFPP has developed a range of solutions to rapidly extinguish a fire. TFPP’s kitchen fire suppression systems are recognised as world leading solutions, with names such as the ANSUL R-102, ANSUL Piranha and Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II. These wet chemical agent systems are designed and tested in accordance with the requirements of UL 300, NFPA 17A, NFPA 96 and LPS 1223. They are designed to quickly suppress fires and prevent re-ignition by a process of saponification. Installed in thousands of locations globally TFPP is helping to protect employees as well as preventing businesses from a significant loss of revenue.

Fighting fires in petrochemical oil & gasgasgas installations around the world with foam
TFPP offers a comprehensive range of products for Special Hazards Fire Protection. The wide range of gaseous and foam systems, flame detection and portable extinguishers are ideally suited for the protection of hazardous areas on Offshore Platforms, Oil Refineries, FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) and many other critical areas. Williams Chemguard, a recent acquisition by Tyco, expands TFPP’s capabilities in specialty chemicals, foam and foam hardware and fire-fighting services. Williams is world renowned for its emergency response service to major petrochemical fires over the last 30 years and is considered the world leader in fighting large scale chemical fires. This expertise and knowledge is being combined with Tyco’s many years of foam fire fighting expertise to provide petrochemical and oil & gas customers worldwide with a comprehensive on-site designed solution as well as including emergency fire fighting services if required.

Dry chemical & spspecialty

ANSUL Dry Chemical fire suppression systems use proven technology to fight the toughest flammable liquid and gas fires. Protecting equipment and facilities can be challenging, especially in extremely hazardous areas with the risk for larger fires where it’s vital to suppress the flames before they have had a chance to spread or increase in size. The manual system uses dry chemicals in situations not easily handled by hand portable and wheeled extinguishers. A customised piped system is used in the ultimate automatic, high-tech dry chemical solution.

Piping sosolutions designed to sasave time and reduce cost

GRINNELL Grooved products provide innovative and cost-effective grooved piping solutions that include a complete piping solution of couplings, fittings and valves for HVAC, Fire Protection. Tunnels, Bridges and Mines and industrial Applications, Water Treatment applications. Internationally approval bodies have recognised the advantages that Grinnell couplings and fittings offer. The ease and swiftness of installation reduces the actual time needed on site also “on the spot” changes in any piping system can be easily handled with GRINNELL couplings and hence reducing overall cost.


Watermist systems

TFPP provides low pressure, high pressure and special hazard watermist systems all offering significantly reduced water usage compared with traditional water based systems.


AQUAFOG is a high pressure system using special multijet nozzles and the Ultra- Low Flow (ULF) system a low pressure system. In addition to the more conventional AQUAFOG and ULF systems, the AQUASONIC system uses special atomisers designed to create very small droplets, allowing the system to offer total flooding capability. AQUAFOG and ULF systems can be configured for sprinkler equivalency complying with the general requirements of NFPA 750, EN 14972, BS DD 8489 and BS DD 8458.


Going green

TFPP recognises that the efforts made in reducing its impact on the environment today will have far reaching consequences for future generations. That’s why they have committed to being an environmentally responsible organisation and developed specific goals to reduce its impact on humans and the environment to zero. With an array of environmentally friendly suppression solutions and fire detection systems that have achieved a green seal of approval having been granted Green Passport status for installation on marine applications, these accreditations provide externally verified proof of Tyco’s commitment to supplying high-quality, environmentally friendly products.


TFPP also complies with RoHS ( Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations. Aware that as newer technology arrives at an ever increasing rate, consumers are discarding their obsolete products sooner than ever, which is why TFPP has already invested in recycling and refurbishment programmes to avoid future waste.


Future growth and investment

TFPP operates across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and serves customers in over 37 countries and is now expanding their operations in these regions and Russia.


Tyco Fire Protection Products focuses on organic growth and is constantly developing new technologies to meet their customers’ requirements and expand their geographic footprint into areas of strategic importance.

With twelve manufacturing locations across the UK, Nordics, Italy, Spain and Germany and Czech Republic and sixteen distribution warehouse across EMEA, TFPP manufactures and distributes its core technologies, and is continually investing in training and new office locations to serve their customers more effectively. This includes a recently opened Pre-Fab unit investment in a powder coating facility at Lammult in Sweden. Enabling them to offer higher quality painted and pre-fabricated pipes and provide a quicker and more cost-effective service for sprinkler systems.


A new Training Centre in Mölndal, Sweden was also opened this year providing training services to fire installers, contractors, specifies and engineers who design and install fire protection solutions. It is estimated that 600 people will be trained annually at the new facility.


A new office in Dubai is planned to open later this year to bring the Middle East operation together which will include office and warehouse space, and a new training centre for technical support. A new office in Moscow will enable the regional team to support its Russian and Eastern European customers.


Re-enforcing its focus on technology development, Tyco recently acquired two new companies with locations in Europe, which complement TFPP’s technology portfolio and also help to expand the geographic footprint across EMEA. LPG based in Barcelona is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gas suppression systems in Southern Europe. MCS based in Turkey, also acquired in January this year, distributes, designs, installs and services fire detection and protection solutions including sprinklers, alarm valves, and foam and gas suppression systems for customers in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. The acquisition of LPG and MCS helps to expand Tyco’s regional presence and complements the company’s global fire protection manufacturing and distribution operations. This investment also enables the business to share knowledge, technology and processes in order to enhance customer value, improve new product development, and drive Tyco’s growth in the global suppression markets.


TFPP is focused on developing its core markets (water, detection, suppression and mechanical) in key territories and is continuously enhancing the technology and service offering for its customers by focusing on key vertical markets such as Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Mining, Industrial and Commercial. Its solutions are already installed in a wide range of locations globally in other markets including, power generation, logistics warehouses, transport, marine, education, healthcare, manufacturing hotel and leisure.


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