Fire experts enable compliance worldwide

Working closely with major trade associations, regulators, enforcement authorities, installers and international bodies, Exova Warringtonfire believes in the highest levels of safety and quality across its diverse range of fire testing, engineering and certification services.


With more than 40 years’ experience, it is a world leading authority independent fire and security testing, fire engineering and certification organisation.

It offers a diverse range of specialist fire safety and security services to international markets from a network of accredited sites around the world including Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, with a network of accredited laboratories to enable the very latest standards, legislation and compliance.

The company works with manufacturers, suppliers, designers,
architects and engineers across a wide range of sectors including
construction, rail, aerospace, automotive, marine, oil & gas, power generation and defence.

When it comes to fire testing, Exova Warringtonfire has considerable experience in assessing the performance of materials and constructions by replicating standardised fire scenarios.

Its knowledge of material behaviour and fire protection products
position the company as a market leader in the field of fire safety
and its commitment to excellence is reflected with representation
on numerous national and international committees.

In addition to its comprehensive range of standardised product testing, Exova Warringtonfire also conducts many bespoke tests which range from desktop analysis to complex large-scale projects.

All tests can be undertaken to meet national and international
legislation and standards, and a close relationship with customers
ensures that all test specimens are prepared, tested and reported
to a very high level.

John Willox, Director of Exova Warringtonfire, said:

“Our global reach means that we are highly placed to deliver our specialist knowledge to help companies working regionally, nationally and internationally.

“We have involvement at all levels including enforcement authorities, regulators, installers and trade associations.

Our knowledge and experience places us firmly ahead of developments and means our understanding of fire safety is unrivalled.

“Every day we communicate with manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers, product designers, engineers and architects to not only ensure that each product-design complies with the appropriate regulations and standards, but also to give them absolute confidence that they are working with the most reliable and professional fire safety teams in the world.

“No matter who we work with, we have the confidence on delivering the same level of excellence in all aspects of fire safety for any project large or small, offering ongoing advice to ensure the best possible results and to create solutions that will exactly meet the needs of business.”

John Willox was formerly Hilti global Vice President of Marketing
– Fire Protection Systems. He has more than 25 years’ experience
in the construction industry supply chain, 22 years of which have
been with the Hilti Group both in the UK and at the company’s
corporate HQ in Liechtenstein.

In the last 10 years, he has held senior positions within the area of fire protection and HR. He has extensive experience in the development of fire protection strategy throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia and will be responsible for driving Exova Warringtonfire’s position in the fields of fire testing, advisory
and certification from its laboratories and offices in Europe.

Indeed, design teams and clients are becoming increasingly global in their approach, with designers located in one country developing solutions for buildings on the other side of the world.

There is a wide range of standard guidance on the design of fire safety wherever in the world you are. Some of these documents can be relatively complex or may have a range of possible approaches. Exova Warringtonfire can identify the best guidance document or approach and can assist in developing the fire strategy to meet those regulations.

In some cases the design would also benefit from more detailed
fire modelling to support or justify certain aspects to the design.

For example, smoke modelling might demonstrate that a particular
space will remain tenable for a long period of time, which would
help justify longer travel distances than would normally be allowed.

Incorporating smoke extraction within a design may also achieve
a similar result.

Exova Warringtonfire’s engineers are also experts in all types of fire modelling, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) smoke modelling, evacuation analysis, structural fire engineering and radiation analysis, and can therefore identify the best approach for any particular situation.

As part of its range, Exova promotes its independent accredited
certification and inspection of fire protection and security products
and services through Warrington Certification Ltd (WCL), a nonprofit

WCL has more than 25 years’ experience of working closely with all sectors of industry, including manufacturers, installers, assessors, specifiers, regulators and enforcement authorities to deliver services to a diverse range of clients around the world.

Its services assist in delivering competitive advantage and peace of mind for its customers by continually pushing the boundaries in the fire protection industry to help safeguard buildings and the people who use them.

WCL is recognised worldwide by regulators, enforcers and market influencers as the leading supplier of independent certification services supporting the global fire protection and security industry.

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