Ferrara Launches New Line of Aerials

Ferrara Fire Station

Ferrara Launches New Line of Aerials

Ferrara, a leading manufacturer of custom built, heavy-duty fire apparatus, is introducing a new line of aerial ladders and platforms to meet the rigorous demands of the fire service.

The new aerials are built with 100,000 PSI steel and have a 2.5:1 structural safety factor which is 25% more than the minimum of 2:1 required by NFPA 1901.
The new Ferrara aerials include:

  • Two feet more vertical reach on three models
  • 500 pound tip loads while flowing 1,500 GPM on all aerial ladders
  • 500 pound tip loads while flowing 2,000 GPM on rear mount platforms
  • A narrower jack stance for easier aerial set up on congested streets
  • Higher handrails providing firefighters an extra measure of safety when climbing the ladder
  • Wider ladder sections which accommodate stokes baskets for rescue operations
  • Routing of cables and electric between sections to reduce obstacles during ladder operation
  • 165 degree store front blitz monitor on all aerial ladders

The new Ferrara aerials can be equipped with the computer based Parker IQAN® electrical system that controls the hydraulic system, creating smooth and precise movements of the aerial such as automatic feathering and ramping features for the control valves. A seven-inch digital display on the control panel provides accurate and important information for the operator.

The new aerials are available on selected existing Ferrara models such as the MVP Rescue Ladder, HD-77 Ladder, HD-107 Ladder, LP-102 Ladder and HD-100 Rear Mount Platform. New models are also available, including the TD-100 and TD-101 tractor drawn aerials, an HD-123 rear mount ladder, and two articulating/telescopic booms. Higher flow rates are available with an optional 3,000 GPM flow capability on the rear mount platform, making it ideal for industrial fire departments.

The first two deliveries of the new Ferrara aerials are an HD-77R MVP Ladder for Bossier City Fire Department, and an HD-107R Ladder for Shreveport Fire Department. See more information on these trucks and the new product line at: www.ferrarafire.com/new-aerial

“With the new Ferrara aerials, we’re able to improve upon our already successful aerial line, essentially maintaining our tip loads and improving the structural safety factor to 2.5:1 on all the rear mounts,” said Paul Christiansen, Ferrara Aerials Sales Manager. “Having the first two new aerials go to longtime Ferrara customers Shreveport Fire Department and Bossier City Fire Department is a real honor for Ferrara.”

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