Exova Warringtonfire expands testing capabilities

The company can now offer performance testing of linear gap seals

 In response to customer demand, Exova Warringtonfire, the specialist fire and security testing and certification provider, has expanded the fire testing capabilities at its main Warrington site. By introducing a multi-directional movement rig, the company can now offer performance testing of linear gap seals under movement conditions.

The test (European Standard EN1366 Part 4) examines the performance of seals and sealant material used in the joints of any commercial building, determining performance in both normal conditions and during and after a fire event. This new test sits alongside standard static joint testing, giving customers a one-stop-shop for the testing of seals.

Exova Warringtonfire is the first European testing house to offer multi-directional movement to the test as standard, delivering a more comprehensive and reliable result.

Rob Veitch, Director at Exova Warringtonfire, said: “We’ve introduced the movement test to give our customers a platform to demonstrate how their product would perform in a real-life application; through this test evidence they can build confidence in their products and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

The multi-directional test was developed by Exova Warringtonfire for initial trial with FSI Limited, which manufactures and develops built-in fire protection systems. Ben Peach, General Manager of FSi Limited, commented: “First-time efficacy is one of the cornerstones of our business, and in particular of our customer care ethos. So, being able to work with Exova to develop a test that pushes our products to their limits, beyond the basic testing levels for UK, Europe and Global regulation, gives us an essential edge in the market.”

Following successful initial tests the service is now available to all of Exova’s customers.

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