Euralarm invited to take part in EU consultation on harmonised certification for alarm systems

The European Commission has released an inception impact assessment on the proposal for an EU initiative establishing a harmonised certification scheme for alarm systems components. Industry stakeholders and representative bodies can provide the European Commission with an answer to this consultation. Euralarm is part of a group of representative bodies which has been closely involved with the Commission in providing background input into this legislative proposal.
The impact assessment follows up on a longstanding proposal by Euralarm for a single market approach to testing, auditing and certification in the security industry as outlined in Euralarm’s Manifesto and which was recently featured in a campaign towards EU Institutions. Trade barriers caused by the absence of a one stop testing scheme are harmful to the competitiveness of European manufacturers of security systems. The lack of a single market reduces economies of scale and, as a result, competitiveness in a global market.
Taking part in the EU consultation on harmonised certification for alarm systems is a key result on representation done by Euralarm over the past years. Euralarm’s Security Section, under the lead of Dave Wilkinson as Chairman of the Section, will formulate a Euralarm response to the EU Commission. Following that an approved recommendation will be distributed to all members of the association for their own use.

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