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Firefighters need reliable communication to do their job effectively and safely. Interspiro was the first SCBA company to recognise this 40 years ago when the first mask-mounted radio interface was introduced. Now 40 years later, Interspiro introduce the latest innovation in firefighter communication: the SpiroCom, 3-mode wireless interface.

For the first time, three modes of communication from one, wireless, mask-mounted unit is introduced. SpiroCom provides an integrated amplifier, full-duplex team talk, and digital radio interface, all in one mask mounted solution:

• Voice Projection Amplifier, for general communication to those around you while you have your mask in place.

• Team Talk, 16 channels of full duplex, open communication so you know what everyone on your team is doing, all the time. Team talk is on all the time, and operates hands-free, so staying in contact with your team is as easy as speaking.

• Wireless Radio Interface for communication beyond the team, to report to incident command or communicate with other teams.

The wireless interface is activated by a push to talk (PTT) switch on the side of the SpiroCom. When any SpiroCom on your team is linked to a digital radio, all members of your team will hear that radio traffic: coming and going. It’s like three layers of communication in one device. Radio traffic takes priority over team talk, but when the radio goes quiet, team talk is automatically restored.

Team talk becomes your main backbone for communication with your team, but when talking to someone outside your team, the amplifier helps get your message across.

What this means for you is a new way to think about communication: with your command organisation, with the other firefighters on your team, and with the trapped victim in a back bedroom. You need to communicate with each of them, but until SpiroCom that meant wires and separate hardware.

Now, one wireless mask-mounted unit allows all three modes of communication.

SpiroCom is a revolutionary step in communications that changes firefighting for the better. You get better situational awareness, as the team “chatter” reinforces your sense of where your team members are, and how they’re progressing. You also get a better sense of overall progress on the fire scene as digital radio traffic “trumps” your team talk with updates. Firefighting requires teamwork, and now you have a communication tool that recognises that, and supports that teamwork.

SpiroCom is available only from Interspiro, for use with Interspiro masks and SCBAs. Interspiro is launching SpiroCom, in the spring 2010 trade shows at FDIC in Indianapolis and Interschutz in Leipzig. www.interspiro.com

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