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Reaction to fire (RtF) is the response of a product in terms of contributing – by its own decomposition – to a fire to which it is exposed, under specified conditions.

The RtF performance is considered in relation to a product’s end use and is measured for various parameters, including fire growth rate, smoke production rate, fire spread, flaming droplets, ignition time, flaming duration and mass loss rate.

Reaction to fire testing and classification is an effective means of assessing the fire performance of materials, products and/or assemblies in a fire.

The building regulations of each country contain a set of rules for building work in new and altered buildings to make them safe and accessible to people living and working in them.

To meet the relevant building regulations and associated guidance with regard to fire safety, it is essential to provide evidence of the RtF performance of materials, products and/or assemblies used in buildings and infrastructure.

Efectis UK/Ireland is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for RtF test standards. Our team has accumulated experience and expertise in carrying out the aforementioned standard tests on construction products and systems related to wall/ceiling applications and cables.

Additionally, our team is able to advise on research and/or ad hoc test programmes (Non-UKAS) to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions to suit their project-specific objectives and conditions.

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