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At the start of a new decade and after close to fifty years, Paratech Incorporated has been proudly designing and manufacturing all of their rescue equipment in the United States. As an ISO 9001 certified company since 1998, Paratech continues to lead the world in the design and production of innovative lifesaving emergency equipment. Their pioneering spirit, continuous product development and commitment to excellence have been the cornerstone of Paratech’s vision since 1963. A combination of cutting edge manufacturing technology and focus on reallife usability has made Paratech’s equipment the standard for disaster agencies’ rescue teams and technical rescue caches both in the U.S. and internationally.
Paratech products are extensively used by fire departments worldwide including, but not limited to, all major U.S. cities, Copenhagen, Tokyo, London, Lyon, Madrid, Singapore, Denmark, Japan, UK, to name a few. Paratech’s equipment has been deployed to assist in major disasters such as the 1994 Northridge, CA earthquake; 1995 Kobe, Japan earthquake; 1999 Istanbul, Turkey earthquake; 2005 New Orleans, LA Hurricane Katrina; 2001 New York World Trade Center attack; 2007 China earthquake; 2009 L’Aquila, Italy earthquake, 2010 Haiti earthquake.
Paratech’s product lines are comprised of: Rescue Support Systems (RSS) – Structural collapse emergencies occur almost daily somewhere in the world and they are easily one of the most difficult challenges faced by fire brigades and rescue teams. “Workmen Trapped During Building Demolition”, “Natural Gas Explosion”, “Terrorist Bomb”, “Earthquakes Affects Residential Area”, “Burning Building Collapse Traps Fire Fighters”. Paratech’s Rescue Support Systems are the strongest and most versatile struts in the world and have been FEMA tested and adopted as standard for their technical caches. Paratech’s Rescue Support Systems
are used for:

Structural collapse – Earthquakes, construction collapses, cave-ins, floods and structural fire damage require a collapse rescue system designed to extract victims in a safe and timely manner.

‘Paratech manufactures all of its major control components to assure the quality of the lifting bag system from inflation to deflation.’
Excavation containment – Paratech’s pneumatic rescue struts allow for remote placement and easy locking as well as safe, remote removal. Special Applications – A wide variety of bases and accessories are available to assist in numerous special application scenarios and are used in combination with Paratech’s LongShores, AcmeThread and LockStroke struts. These include, but in no way are limited to, elevator shaft access and victim retrieval, high angle applications, confined space work and trench rescue scenarios.
Vehicle Stabilisation – Paratech’s Vehicle Stabilization Kits (VSKs) have the strength and flexibility to handle sub compact cars, buses, cement trucks and even train locomotives. Additionally, these components provide the extra value of being changeable with the other Paratech Equipment for building collapse and trench rescue scenarios. Depending on the Kit, Paratech’s Vehicle Stabilization Kits have a load capacity of up to 120,000 lbs. (54,431.1 kg) with a 4 to 1 safety factor.

MAXIFORCE® Air Lifting Bags
– Paratech offers a complete system comprised of 25 different sizes of Air Lifting Bags with the power to lift or shift up to 70 tons and all the control equipment to match. These bags, made from Neoprene covered aramid reinforcement are sold worldwide to fire departments, brigades and rescue teams.

Paratech manufactures all of its major control components to assure the quality of the lifting bag system from inflation to deflation. All accessories used with the air lifting bags such as regulators, control valves, couplings, etc. are also manufactured at Paratech. Each bag is subjected to stringent factory pressure tests to assure maximum operator safety and the bags meet and exceed the intent of all known, recognised and published international standards for design, production and use of air lifting bags. These standards and listings include : National Coal Board (UK); NATO Stock Listings; National Defense Supply Listing (US); Department of Industrial Relations (AU); Japan Standards Institute (JA); GSA Contract Item (US).

‘Paratech is an environmentally conscious manufacturer that believes in saving valuable resources and minimising waste and pollution through advanced manufacturing systems.’
Powered Impact Tools – Paratech’s Powered Impact Tools (PIT) are designed for forcible entry. The three distinct models of pneumatic breakers (Airgun 40SC, Airgun 40, Pakhammer 90), are designed specifically for confined space operations and are engineered to be very rugged, ergonomic and lightweight. Paratech’s PITs have the ability to break and cut through concrete, masonry walls, steel, metal and composites, aircraft fuselages and are often used for digging during tunneling operations. The equipment provides maximum power with minimum air consumption. They are capable of being operated from portable air tanks such as breathing air cylinders, commonly carried by every fire department and rescue squad. The Paratech AIRGUN 40 is used by the U.S. Navy as part of the Navy’s shipboard rescue equipment.

Forcible Entry Tools – These high quality heavy duty Forcible Entry Tools (FET) are designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist, cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency personnel and the life they are saving. The category includes a full line of Hooligan Tools as well as a powerful Percussive Rescue Tool (PRT), the compact and versatile Pry Axe and the very popular Buster Tool.

Tactical Forcible Entry Tools (TFE) -Targeting the tactical market, Paratech has customised its Forcible Entry Tools to cater to S.W.A.T. police, special operations and military forces. Made with a durable black tactical finish, these high quality tools are designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist, cut open and remove all types of barriers.

Firefighting Tools (FFT) – Paratech manufactures a wide range of standard, essential, heavy duty overhaul tools. These rugged tools are made with the highest quality materials and are available in a range of sizes and configurations with lengths of 3′ to 12′ and custom lengths by special order.

Rescue Air Cushions – These cushions (RAC) are an ideal tool for high lift requirements of non-reinforced broad surfaces on trucks, vans and light aircraft. Cushions are also used by collapse rescue teams to fill voids and regain support for rescue struts, wall braces and shoring. Other applications include major vehicle accidents, small vehicle turnovers, downed or trapped animals, industrial lifting applications and can be used as a flotation device. The Rescue Air Cushions are available in 4 sizes and 2 pressure ranges.

Leak Sealing Systems (LSS) – This equipment is comprised of specialised inflatables and plugs that are designed to shut down iquid leaks on pipes, tankers and railroad tank cars and successfully eal chemical leaks in both highway and industrial accidents.

Special Mission Tender/SMT™ for Urban Search & Rescue nd Trench – Paratech’s SMT™ provides an organised way to ransport all the equipment needed to a specific technical rescue ncident. The SMT™ comes fully loaded with Rescue Struts, axiforce® Air Lifting Bags, Forcible Entry Tools and other kits nd components to facilitate rapid response to rescue scenarios. his low maintenance and cost effective vehicle is an organised obile container loaded with essential Paratech tools for echnical rescue.

Athough Paratech mainly serves the fire and rescue industry, he versatility and high quality of their equipment has allowed an asy cross over into other markets (mining, ndustrial, military, owing, tactical), providing a balance of high quality materials, ntelligent engineering and advanced machine technology to erve a wide range of purposes. Bt despite all of the accomplishments and international xposure, Paratech has maintained a small footprint in the marketplace, manufacturing all of its equipment out of a
relatively small facility with less than 100 employees.

Paratech is an environmentally conscious manufacturer that believes in saving valuable resources and minimising waste and pollution through advanced manufacturing systems and production strategies. Paratech’s equipment does not discharge any harmful products into the environment and the majority of rubber waste, cardboard and metal waste is recycled. Paratech’s “green” culture is a philosophy rather than an adopted process or standard. Paratech recognises that their success is not only due to their specialised equipment.

This great feat could not have been achieved without the skilled work force at the facility, the competent and dedicated field sales support of their Regional Sales Managers in the U.S. and those abroad, as well as a vast network of Dealer Partners. Paratech’s Regional Sales Managers, as well as their Dealer Partners, are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with hands-on experience.

Many members of the field have previously worked in the fire or rescue service and have experienced first-hand the importance of having the right equipment. They are passionate about their work, the equipment they represent and have an unparalleled commitment to continuous technical support. Thanks to a “can do” culture, an instinct for innovation, the flexibility to adapt, cutting edge technology and excellent customer service, Paratech will continue to be a leader in the design and production of state-of-the-art emergency, tactical and industrial equipment. For more information on how Paratech can help you lift, shift, seal, stabilise and penetrate.

Contact them at (815) 469 3911 or visit their website at

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