Comment from Bettina McDowell on the current state of building regulations

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In the latest issue of Fire Buyer, we look closer at modern-day building regulations, and how not enough is being done to ensure the longevity of these buildings in the event of a fire.

Bettina McDowell, General Manager, IWMA offers her own thoughts on the current legislation landscape in an exclusive comment to Fire Buyer:

“I can imagine that safety precautions are one of the most underestimated or even ignored topics worldwide. And especially when it comes to fire safety, I often get the feeling that people think that fires only ever happen very rarely and if then only to others. However, real life draws quite a different picture with fires breaking out in all sorts of buildings all the time. Luckily, many are only small, can easily be kept under control, at the end nobody is injured, and the damage is manageable. But what if a fire is detected late, is fed on a highly combustible material, blocks the escapes routes and there is no firefighting system installed to fight it? Would it not be better to have – especially in schools – water-based fire protection systems (without a fear factor like e.g. gaseous systems) that can keep fires under control or even extinguish them installed and be safe rather than sorry?

“Everybody – but especially children and youngsters – deserves a certain level of safety in their lives no matter where they are. And fires can be so devastating. We have to learn what the past is trying to teach us. We have to leave the vicious cycle of fires, deaths, discussions and oblivion behind us. Especially, when I look at the UK, I see a maimed country when it comes to fires and deaths caused by fires. When will the people who are responsible for making the installation of fire protection systems mandatory finally take that step? I hope it will not be too long!”

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