Change in regulations governing the monitoring of fire suppression gases

There has recently been a significant change in both UK & EU law

There has recently been a significant change in both UK & EU law regarding the use of gases in fixed fire suppression systems.
All EU member states now need to monitor the liquid level of fixed fire suppression systems using FM-200, NOVEC 1230, and old Halons
• HFC-23 ; FE-13
• HFC-125 ; FE-25, ; ECARO, ; NAF-125
• HFC-227ea ; FM-200, ; FE-227, ; NAF-227
• HFC-236fa ; FE-36
That are in service. This represents a sea change in industry thinking and regulation in moving away from annual checks once a year.
In addition the law in the UK has recently changed meaning that and fixed fire suppression systems containing more than 300kg of F-gases have to have automatic leak detection systems fitted.
As a leading provider of ultrasonic liquid level monitoring systems for fixed fire suppression systems Coltraco Ltd can help companies comply with these regulations. With its range of monitoring systems including Permalevel™ Multiplex the world’s first system capable of monitoring up to 700 cylinder points to identify slow leakage or accidental discharge we are an ideal partner. As an industry leader in this segment we have long argued that in high risk instillations an annual check of a fire system is not sufficient.
We believe this represents a marked change in the industry and are look forward to helping the industry improve its standards and become safer.

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