Babcock invests in immersive training for the London Fire Brigade

XVR will bring core technology for single and joint service command simulation training

 As part of the investment into improved training facilities for London Fire Brigade (LFB), Babcock has chosen to partner with E-Semble to implement the XVR Simulation Platform in two newly built Incident Command Simulation (Sim) Suites.

The Sim Suites located in East and West London will be equipped with state of the art technology for an immersive training experience. This will include floor to ceiling screens where delegates will be able to move freely around an incident and full audio to enhance interaction. Recordings of the training will provide immediate feedback and assessment for delegates. E-Semble will equip the new Simulation Suites with a variety of scenarios to keep training current. For example, scenarios resulting from the European Commission FP7 Project “CRISIS” led by Middlesex University. Additional innovations include the simulation of Incident Command Unit processes and an online news media and social media simulator. Most importantly, delegates will benefit from an immersive, varied training experience in a realistic and safe environment.

“We selected XVR after a thorough comparison of the leading simulation providers in the UK“ explains Gordon Reynolds, Director of Training for Babcock. “We chose on the basis of a proven track record, acceptance in the field and quality of the software and the supplier”.

The XVR Simulation Platform is used by over 20 Fire & Rescue Services in the UK and over 150 in the rest of the world. This makes it an ideal platform for use in multi-agency Incident Command Training exercises, which both of the facilities can accommodate. The Simulation Suites in London have been specifically designed for Joint Emergency Services training in accordance with current and future JESIP guidelines. Multi-agency usage of the simulator has been at the core of its design in 2000.

“We look forward to working in partnership with Babcock and the LFB to further increase the quality and usability of XVR for all users.” explains Martijn Boosman, founder and Director of Strategy at E-Semble. “We see it as a challenge to continuously improve XVR to match the evolving needs and requests from users from all emergency response organisations. Software development never ends. Our development team is continuously upgrading the XVR software to respond to requests from our users in the UK and elsewhere.”

The London Incident Command Simulation Suite at Harrow will be opening in autumn 2013 and the Beckton facility will be opening in April 2014.

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